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The Ridge Golf Club Auburn Wedding | Nicole and Kyle

High school friends turned sweethearts, these two were destined for greatness in their relationship from the very beginning. Nicole, with her natural beauty, sweet smile and heart of gold, was everything Kyle could ever ask for in a partner. And Kyle stole her heart with his mischievous grin and handsome ways. As their ten year… Read more »

Catholic Church Wedding | Backyard DIY reception | Megan and Brendan

I love a small town backyard wedding! There’s something so very special and intimate about having your wedding celebration in a place filled with so many family memories. For Megan and Brendan, every time they go to Mom’s house, not only will they be reminded of Megan’s past; but also, the start of their future… Read more »

Folsom Wedding | Saint John the Baptist Church | Ali and Cesar

When Cesar first laid eyes on Ali, he knew she was the one. And shortly after they were introduced, he told Ali he was going to marry her. And Ali laughed. No really, she laughed at him. Now most men would feel defeated and walk away from that kind of a situation, but not Cesar…. Read more »