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For me, one of the most rewarding things about photography is the opportunity for growth. It seems that the well of possibilities in this craft has no bottom. This both excites and scares me…all at the same time.

And so I am always looking for new ways to approach my work and new tools to add to my bag of photography skills. Whether that be studying nature, cinema, painting, music, or even sometimes other wedding photographers. This search lead to an opportunity to attend a workshop given in San Luis Obispo by Jeff Newsom. If you are not familiar with Jeff’s work, you can see it here. What was most appealing to me about taking a workshop with Jeff was to gain a better understanding of how he approached the creative process. Jeff’s images are fresh and offer a very unique perspective to wedding photography.

I really just wanted to understand his thought process as an artist and see how that made me feel. I don’t ever expect to replicate what Jeff does, but that really never was the point. It was a good day and I left with a better understanding not only of Jeff, but also of myself.

Jeff Newsom Workshop Ultramegeddon-1 Jeff Newsom Workshop Ultramegeddon-2 Jeff Newsom Workshop Ultramegeddon-3 Jeff Newsom Workshop Ultramegeddon-4 Jeff Newsom Workshop Ultramegeddon-5

10 Responses to “Voltron of Awesomeness | Jeff Newsom’s Ultramageddon Workshop | personal”

  1. Veronica Varos

    Gorgeous! (That last one is my favorite!) It looks like it was an awesome experience. 🙂

  2. bryan

    Great images! Love the second to last photo.

  3. Will Kim

    love that 4th image! Jeff is the best!

  4. Jason

    This sounds like a brilliant day – admire your approach to growth and never stopping learning!

  5. Elissa

    I’m dying to go to an Ultramageddon shop… thank you for sharing a bit of your experience!

  6. Mark Elkins

    All of these are solid. Looks like you had an amazing experience!

  7. Paolo Taverna

    Great images and love the location. Love the tones on the last image!

  8. Ann Abbitz

    Anything to give you more ideas is always a good thing. Life is a constant learning experience, and it’s good especially for someone in your field of work. Learning new techniques, lighting, settings and such is always good. Great series of photos. Good luck in your work! 🙂

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