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2013 Year in Review


2013 was a year of transition for me. I completed my transformation to “Apple fangirl” by ditching my PC for an iMac, made the leap to Lightroom (why did I wait so long again?), and started incorporating constant lighting into my reception images. I won another Bride’s Choice Award (four years running now), gained acceptance… Read more »

Courtyard D’Oro | Old Town Sacramento Wedding | Lulu and Conrad


I couldn’t think of a better way to end my 2013 wedding season than with Lulu and Conrad’s Courtyard D’Oro old town Sacramento wedding. And what a wedding it was! Of course after their engagement session this past summer, I had an idea of the fire these two would bring! Like the old saying goes…it’s… Read more »

Catholic Church Wedding | Backyard DIY reception | Megan and Brendan


I love a small town backyard wedding! There’s something so very special and intimate about having your wedding celebration in a place filled with so many family memories. For Megan and Brendan, every time they go to Mom’s house, not only will they be reminded of Megan’s past; but also, the start of their future… Read more »

Saluti Cellars | Placerville Winery Wedding | Andrea and Travis

Saluti Cellars Placerville Winery Wedding

It was a beautiful day with just a hint of fall in the air when Andrea and Travis said their vows in the hills of Placerville at Saulti Cellars, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the love of their friends and family. And the day was exactly as I knew it would be from… Read more »

Sacramento Barn Wedding | Crawford’s Barn | Jordyn and Miguel


I love it when you can clearly see how the fabric of our life is woven together by God. I first met Jordyn and Miguel through a very good friend Glenn, one of the original Pastors at their church (North City). I became friends with Pastor Glenn after meeting him while I was shooting Brittany… Read more »