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Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding | Linda and Brian

From the moment they met at Santa Clara University, Linda and Brian saw something extraordinary in each other. This strong, steady, handsome man from Maui and this beautiful, spirited, ambitious girl from the mainland might not have known it at the time, but they were destined for greatness together. These two are a super loyal,… Read more »

La Provence Restaurant Wedding | Jill and Joe

It was a beautiful spring day, warm but not too hot. Under the shade of a majestic oak tree he waited, welcoming her to a new life with him and with his children. They extended all of their hearts to her and she absorbed it and glowed in a way that was almost ethereal. She… Read more »

Forest House Lodge Wedding | Elizabeth and Matt

Anyone who pursues a career serving others immediately earns my respect. To protect and serve is a mighty hard job as is counseling work, so you have to know that the stress Elizabeth and Matt undertake regularly is way above ordinary. But in some ways, it’s nothing like the stress of planning a wedding. Can… Read more »

Gold Hill Gardens Newcastle Wedding | Scott and Megan

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. 2015 has shaped up to be my busiest year yet; and with all the weddings and Facebook sneak peeks, I’ve not been good at keeping up with sharing here. So if you are looking for the latest and greatest, be sure to check my personal and business Facebook pages…. Read more »

Redwood Ranch Fancy BBQ Wedding | Norma and Taylor

There are some people in this world who have souls that radiate so strongly and so magnificently, they are almost tangible. It was only about 2 minutes or so into our first consult before I realized how incredibly kind, beautiful, generous, and loving Norma and Taylor both were. Maybe it was the lack of pretentiousness… Read more »