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Redwood Ranch Fancy BBQ Wedding | Norma and Taylor

There are some people in this world who have souls that radiate so strongly and so magnificently, they are almost tangible. It was only about 2 minutes or so into our first consult before I realized how incredibly kind, beautiful, generous, and loving Norma and Taylor both were. Maybe it was the lack of pretentiousness… Read more »

EarthTrek Expeditions Coloma Wedding | Molly and Trevor

It was with a group of close friends, in the great outdoors they both loved so much where Molly met Trevor. Right away, even their closest friends couldn’t deny there was something a little extra special between them. Beautiful vibrant Molly with her vivacious spirit immediately knew that there was something different about Trevor…something just… Read more »

La Provence Roseville Wedding | Steve and Teresa

Signs are everywhere. Sometimes we we notice them and sometimes we don’t, but they are there if you look for them. One of the signs that Steve and Teresa look for in their lives is the number eleven. It seems like a normal number and you wouldn’t think too much of it, but when you… Read more »

Sacramento Citizen Hotel Rooftop Elopement at Sunset | Leslie and Kim

Kim, with her warm, caring spirit and beautiful baby blue eyes stole Leslie‚Äôs heart right away. It was as close to love at first sight as Leslie had ever known and she immediately felt at that moment that Kim was something a little extra special. And when Leslie made her move Kim knew it was… Read more »