Sacramento Wedding Photographer – Teresa K

Hi!  I’m Teresa K, an award winning professional wedding photographer from Folsom, California.  I crave images that are authentic, creative, organic and every bit as unique as you are!

I approach my work with a documentary style that’s meant to capture the secret smile that only your close friends know about, the face you make right before you burst into uncontrollable laughter, the way you crinkle your nose right before you cry, the way your face lights up when the love of your life looks at you that way, and all the love and emotion that surrounds you and lifts you up as you start your adventure together as newlyweds!

There are so many wonderful moments that will happen on your wedding day and I’m extremely passionate about capturing them in the most raw, beautiful, and original way possible.  I feel blessed every day I pick up my camera and I can’t wait to have you in front of it!