Highland Dell Lodge Wedding | Monte Rio | Rebecca and Michael

To say I’ll not soon forget this wedding would be the understatement of the century! Everything about Michael and Rebecca’s beautiful Highland Dell Lodge wedding was rich in Bavarian tradition.  There were so many elements that held such sentimental meaning for everyone involved. From the jewelry Rebecca wore that was borrowed from Michael’s grandmother in Germany, to the wedding dress custom made for her in a neighboring village to where Michael grew up and his parents still live to this day.

Rebecca also has two daughters, to whom Michael gifted two gorgeous necklaces at the wedding ceremony.  It was so touching.  And my favorite part…wait for it…their wedding cake was actually three wheels of their favorite cheeses.  Jon and I don’t always partake in the dessert but I am here to tell you YES, we ate the cheese and it was DELICIOUS!!

Michael’s family came all the way from Bavaria for the wedding and only spoke German, I loved listening to them talk and laugh and celebrate together.  Although many of the guests did not speak english, it’s funny how love can be understood in any language, and the love was surely flowing that day! As heavy as the raindrops falling from the sky.  And I mean that quite literally.  It was clear and sunny right up until the outdoor ceremony started, and then it just poured buckets and buckets of rain.  But let me tell you, the rain didn’t deter anyone from having a wonderful time and made for a uniquely special wedding ceremony memory for everyone (Jon and I included)!

The celebration of the love that these two share was such an incredible thing to be able to document. Congratulations Michael and Rebecca! I have nothing but the best wishes for a future filled with endless laughter and boundless love for you and your family.

Highland Dell Inn wedding

Make-up artist : Darcy Hunt
Hair stylist : Brooklyn Santiago
Florist : Eve in the Garden
Ceremony Venue : Highland Dell Inn
Reception Venue : Highland Dell Inn
DJ / Band : Lucky Devils

Elk Grove Private Estate Wedding | Stephanie and Sam

I’m so incredibly excited to share this wedding as not only are Stephanie and Sam very special on their own; but, their entire family is also incredibly near and dear to my heart. When Stephanie’s mother Anita contact me about her daughter’s wedding I was so excited for the whole family! I had the opportunity to capture Stephanie’s brother’s wedding to his beautiful bride Kindra several years ago. And the thought of capturing this growing family again made my heart melt. I’ve really loved getting to know them better over the years.

Documenting their day was an absolute pleasure. The raw emotion and unbridled love that flowed so openly between these two beautiful souls filled not only every inch of of the space they occupied together, but also the hearts of everyone in attendance at the wedding. Plus they had their sweet baby boy with them to witness his parent’s marriage. It was perfect in every way.

They held their Elk Grove private estate wedding at a friend of the family’s house. The estate and grounds were absolutely stunning, As soon as I stepped foot on the property, I felt as though I was entering a nature reserve, filled to the brim with Stephanie and Sam’s supportive friends and family. Everything on this day was beautiful to the max. From the bride and her gown, to the idyllic location and delicious food. The most beautiful thing though, was the palpable love between this newly bonded man, wife, child, and family. It was the perfect start to their happily ever after.

Elk Grove Private Estate wedding

Make-up artist : Karissa Cosentino – MAC Roseville
Hair stylist : Beverly Blank – Stained Hair & Nail Salon In Lodi
DJ:  Jamie Jo Productions
Caterer : Catering by Sandra
Cake / Dessert : Above and Beyond Desserts (cake)

Valley Springs Private Estate Wedding | Taylor and Nick

When you know it’s right everything just clicks exactly how it is supposed to. Nick and Taylor had a whirlwind courtship because they both knew how perfect they were for each other from the very beginning. It was a modern love story with true love found on Instagram.

Nick is a down home boy with solid family values, a love of classic cars, and a natural affinity for the outdoors. And Taylor, a gorgeous girl who is every bit as comfortable in a pair of 4 inch heels as a pair of cowgirl boots, is a hard working girl who can throw down with any man yet retains her femininity in the fiercest way possible. It was destiny and the deal was officially sealed with their first camping trip together.

Nick and Taylor had a Valley Springs private estate wedding at Nick’s family home. His Mom joked that she finally got her backyard make-over with the wedding! And what a backyard it was. A large pond, hills, wide-open spaces, trees, and so much beautiful decor it was hard to tell what was for the wedding and what was already there.

The day was full of much happiness and love; which is exactly what the future holds for these two.

Vally Springs Private Estate wedding
Valley Springs Private Estate wedding Valley Springs Private Estate weddingValley Springs Private Estate wedding

Hair stylist : Goldline Barbershop
Florist : Garden Hill Florist
Ceremony Venue : Saia Residence
Caterer : Redneck BBQ
Cake / Dessert : Villa Bakery
DJ / Band : TNG digital dj service