UC Davis Engagement Session | Nicole and Jonathan

I love watching love in action. I once heard that love is often mistaken for a feeling, when it in fact is an action- a decision. I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. Feelings come and go, but when you decide to wake up everyday and love somebody you know you’re in it for the long haul.

And Jonathan and Nicole really are in it for the long haul. They’ve been together 13 years and have gotten the opportunity to go through so much of life together. They’ve celebrated wonderful achievements, such as Jonathan getting his masters degree in occupational therapy, and Nicole becoming a pharmacist. He actually proposed right after she graduated, and I shot their UC Davis Engagement session where she went to school.

They are certainly admirable individuals, and a power couple together! They were super sweet and a lot of fun to photograph. Watching them interact, it was clear they have the kind of love that is a verb, an action, and the kind that will last forever. I look forward to witnessing their vows soon as they promise to continue to love one another through the wonderful times and tough times, and carry on deciding to love unconditionally every single day.  I can’t wait for their wedding….THIS WEEKEND!!

UC Davis Engagement SessionUC Davis Engagement SessionUC Davis Engagement Session

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