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Sacramento Citizen Hotel Rooftop Elopement at Sunset | Leslie and Kim

Kim, with her warm, caring spirit and beautiful baby blue eyes stole Leslie’s heart right away. It was as close to love at first sight as Leslie had ever known and she immediately felt at that moment that Kim was something a little extra special. And when Leslie made her move Kim knew it was… Read more »

2014 Year in Review

The best part of writing my year-end review post is getting to go through all of my weddings, engagements, and personal trips from the year and reliving them through the images.  I swear I am grinning ear-to-ear as I remember not only all of the places I was able to go in 2014, but also… Read more »

American River Resort Coloma Wedding | Cara and Michael

I’ve been holding on to this wedding so as not to spoil any Christmas presents Cara and Michael would be giving their family and friends (yay for making prints from your wedding images!!). But Christmas is over, and I am so excited to finally share this extraordinary American River Resort Coloma Wedding! Cara and Michael… Read more »

El Dorado Hills Elegant Backyard Wedding | Nicole and Ben

I’m going to try and write this post without getting all verklempt, but it won’t be easy. You see, Nicole and Ben are something a little extra special. Two souls who have been through so much in their lives and who, through fate, were brought together. Ben, the man with the kindest eyes you have… Read more »