Downtown Sacramento Engagement Session | Kayleigh and Chris

I’m always extra humbled when another photographer chooses me to capture their wedding journey!  I was honored to know Chris from the Sacramento community, and his fiance Kayleigh is as sweet as she is beautiful!!

For this session we traveled around downtown Sacramento taking advantage of the natural light and culture.  Chris and Kayleigh wanted to record places that were special to them when they were dating – favorite restaurants where they enjoyed a favorite meal, bustling sidewalks lined with cafes where they stole a kiss and shared a memory, and historic museums where they dreamed of possibilities together.

I was overjoyed to include Chris’ amazing little girls from his previous marriage in their session.  These girls were so fun and giggly all day!  Some of my favorite shots are the ones where Kayleigh and Chris picked the girls up and dangled them upside-down to throw them into laughter!  I know they will blend into a beautiful family, and Kayleigh will offer so much love to these two young girls.

Working with Kayleigh and Chris was so special to me because it allowed me to show the special connection between them as a couple and as a new family. Thank you Chris, for allowing me to capture such a shining example of a family bonded by love. 

Downtown Sacramento Engagement Session

Newcastle Wedding Gardens Wedding | Jason and Kate

Friends are such a gift. They share similar interests, offer great advice, and help you navigate through this crazy journey of life. Some friends stay for a season, some last a lifetime, and some are lucky enough to get the title of “best friend”. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to marry your best friend. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

I had the pleasure of photographing Jason and Kate’s wedding recently, and loved how compatible they are. Jason is a strong, handsome firefighter, and Kate is one of the sweetest and most beautiful people you will ever meet. These two are good friends with one of my besties in the business, Kim of Kim J Martin Photography, who was also a guest at the wedding.

I absolutely adore the bride and groom for so many reasons. I admire Jason for serving people and putting his life on the line everyday as a firefighter. I adore their humor and goofiness that made the day so much fun for everyone. I love how perfect they are together. But most of all, I love that when separately asked what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, they both had the same response: “I can’t wait to marry my best friend.” Of course Jason added he’s also looking forward to eating cake, but who doesn’t get excited about the cake?!

I’m so glad these two found their best friend in each other, and get to share that for a lifetime. They are truly one of the lucky ones.

Newcastle Wedding Gardens Wedding

Wedding Planner: Georgia Barron

Make-up artist: Rosie Wescott Studio 55

Hair stylist: Lisa Rowland Studio 55

Florist: Perfect Parties by Mo

Ceremony / Reception Venue: Newcastle Wedding Gardens and Red Horse Barn

Caterer: Jackson Catering

Cake / Dessert: Devine Desserts

DJ: David Van Enger