Folsom Lake Engagement Session | Whitney and Bruce

Folsom Lake, located in northern California on the American River, is one of my favorite locations for engagement sessions. The natural, wood-lined trails, peaceful lake, and fields of wildflowers mirror the recently-engaged bliss of couples who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. The openness gives them space to laugh, walk, chat, and just be themselves. Couples are usually more relaxed in front of the camera when they’re outside in the fresh air.

This photogenic couple was no exception. Whitney and Bruce looked so happy and in love strolling down the park trails. Plus, they had their very best little buddy. Their sweet pup came along for the ride. He was so excited to lead the way in exploration. This happy-go-lucky doggo loved the attention and seemed to smile for most of the photos (except when he shyly looked the other way and Mom and Dad shared a kiss).

These two are perfect for each other. Some engaged couples still feel some giddy nervousness around each other, especially in front of the lens, but Whitney and Bruce had a ton of fun just being outside and enjoying the session together. As we hiked, we found a flooded area filled with old driftwood that gave us some amazing photographs, full of extra texture and depth. The late afternoon light was pretty bright, so I caught them standing beneath a group of large shade trees, and the sun sparkled through just right. I also love the pictures of Whitney and Bruce standing in a field as the sun set with a glorious display of colors and clouds.

I had a blast sharing this engagement session with these two—they were so delightful to be around! Thanks for letting me capture these sweet moments, Whitney and Bruce!

Folsom Lake Engagement Session

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