Ancil Hoffman Engagement Session | Megan and Cody

If I had to describe these two in one word, it would be genuine. Everything about them is loving, sincere, and real. For their engagement session, I didn’t have to ask them to fake any poses—they were perfect just as themselves. Megan and Cody have a special, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love the others dream about. I couldn’t help but smile at the way he looked at her and the easy way he made her laugh.

For an atmosphere that matched their personality as a couple, we went out to a Ancil Hoffman park a gorgeous place with trails lined with tall grass and gorgeous trees. I adore the picture of Cody carrying his bride-to-be piggyback down the dirt path as they laugh and chitchat away. Because of their fun-loving attitude, they were down with doing all kinds of shots throughout the session.

They just wanted to portray the essence of who they are. I love the connection and romance that poured from them as they did something as simple as standing in a field beneath the glowing sunlight. We also did a few of them relaxing picnic-style in the vibrant green grass, as well as several creative, adventurous ones on the rocky banks of a river.
No matter what style or pose I changed to, they easily followed suit, pulling off every look flawlessly. They are so photogenic! I have no doubt that Megan and Cody are soul mates, destined to be together. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day to arrive, and am more than thrilled that they asked me to capture the most special day of their lives.

See you soon, cuties!

Ancil Hoffman Engagement Session

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