High Sierra Iris Gardens Wedding Photographer | Kari and Kyle

Kyle and Kari were precious.  They were absolutely thrilled to be getting married. I love feeding off that energy as a wedding photographer. My passion for what I do allows me to capture the passion two beautiful souls have for each other. Pretty amazing, right?

I loved the blue and cream colors that ran through their wedding.  Kari’s bouquet and Kyle’s boutonniere were so unique and beautiful.  Her braided up do with baby’s breath was simplistically elegant and very becoming on her.  Kari stunned everyone in her wedding gown and took her hubby’s breath away.  He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face all day. Who could blame him?! Kari was not the only one looking stylish on their wedding day.  Kyle had fun with his outfit choices as the groom as well.  He added some fun flair to his tux with not only a teal bow tie, but teal suspenders as well.

These two were all about nature.  We hung Kari’s dress on the adorable blue “A” frame house, surrounded by gorgeous trees.  The way the sunlight streamed in through the branches made my creative heart sing! Their couple’s images, as the sun started to sink behind the trees and cascade trees and leaves as they kissed in the tall grass, were simply breath taking. We had so much fun at the reception. Capturing the silly and sentimental moments truly made this collection one of a kind.

These two were full of love and could not keep their eyes off one another.  I loved the way they looked at each other, especially while they were dancing.  There was such sincerity between the two of them. After talking to them for a bit, they said the thing they were looking forward to most on their big day was being joined as one, and having a great time.  I would say they succeeded!

High Sierra Iris Gardens wedding

Capturing the beauty of the love that flows between these two as their High Sierra Iris Gardens Wedding Photographer was such an incredible treat!

Wedding Planner: Ruth Pieno

Florist: Nancy Visman

Videographer: Nor Cal Filmworks

Ceremony Venue: High Sierra Iris Gardens

Reception Venue: High Sierra Iris Gardens

Caterer: Diane Wilkinson

DJ/Band: Bill Pence Music

Sacramento Catholic Wedding | Jacob and Danielle

You know those weddings that are so much fun, you forget you are working and think you are one of the guests because of all the smiling and laughing?  That was absolutely my experience working with Danielle and Jacob on their wedding day.  

Both of them come from devout Catholic families, and so the ceremony of the sacrament of marriage was so meaningful to everyone.  What a beautiful way to join together and begin their new life as a family.  

Both Danielle and Jacob are also very family oriented and celebrating with family and friends was so key to what they wanted their wedding to include.  Jacob’s family is the Leatherby family, owners of the most amazing ice cream and sandwich joint in town, Leatherby’s Family Creamery, so of course they featured a spectacular ice cream bar at the wedding.  Before the traditional bouquet toss, there was a candy toss just for the children in attendance – so fun and thoughtful they weren’t left out of this element. The bridal party did a surprise flash mob for Danielle and Jacob.  There was so much love for these guys and so many amazing photos and memories!!

During the reception, both Danielle and Jacob were able to have an amazing time on the dance floor.  She shared how extremely important dancing is to them – and she added they couldn’t wait to brush out the moves they had been holding in for the last year!  I love what a compliment to each other they are: he is shy and she is outgoing and they are an amazing match.  She brings out the happy in him and she fits in with his big crazy family perfectly.  

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish wedding

We had so much fun on Jacob and Danielle’s big day! Being their Sacramento Catholic Wedding Photographer was such a joy. Best wishes for a bright future, you two!

Make-up artist: Kristy Times Martinez

Hair Stylist: Talley Whaley

Florist: Amour Florist & Bridal

Ceremony venue: Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Private Home

Caterer: Buckhorn Grill

Cake / Dessert: Ettore’s and Leatherby’s Family Creamery

DJ / Band: Steve Schon – Function 45 Entertainment

Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church Wedding | Martinez | Dani and John

Weddings are a representation of a new chapter, a time of change, and a reason to celebrate. Of course the wedding itself is just one day among a lifetime with your partner. The real celebration is in the journey to come.

John and Danielle (Dani) were recently married and I loved what Dani said when asked what she was most looking forward to on her wedding day. Aside from all the planning for the event finally being over, which I’m sure we can all relate to, Dani said she was most looking forward to being around the people they love and celebrating with them. She believes that each person in attendance helped carve the path that brought them together, and in a way their wedding was a “thank you” celebration for all those who had a part in shaping them and bringing them together as husband and wife.

I love her perspective because it’s an acknowledgment that the wedding is simply a party. While the marriage and connections with loved ones are what truly matter. John and Dani were married in a Catholic Church, and their reception was held right across the street at Ignacio Martinez Park Plaza. They had a traditional catholic ceremony, and incorporated some Filipino traditions as well. It was a gorgeous day, and the joy these two exuded was tangible. I know that beyond their beautiful wedding, there is an even more beautiful journey that lies ahead for them, and that is worth celebrating.

catholic church wedding

A gorgeous Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church Wedding, joining together two even more gorgeous souls. Thank you Dani and John for allowing me to be a part of your big day!

Make-up Artist : Suzy Tendick – Mary Kay
Hair Stylist : I Do Dry Style
Florist : Granshaw’s Flowers
Videographer : SmartFlight Wedding Videography
Ceremony Venue : Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
Reception Venue : Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
Caterer : Zandonella Catering
Cake / Dessert : Le Gateau Elegant
DJ / Band : Kalama Kai DJ
Invitations : Julia Vann