Sacramento Engagement Session | Rusty and Corry

I’m a hopeless romantic. All these gorgeous couples I have the privilege to photograph don’t help my case. I get to hear their stories, see them interact, and capture their love as my heart melts into a pile of mush over and over again. I’m captivated by each unique story and mesmerized by the connections I get to witness.

Corry and Rusty have each been through so much in their lives, and everything led them to where they are now. Straight to each other. They have amazing chemistry and I felt like I was in the audience of one of those cheesy love movies where you’re stuffing popcorn in your mouth to keep from crying. Their love is far from cheesy, but they really just embody those perfect, adorable couples you feel like are only possible in the movies.

They are so passionate about one another and there is a fire in their eyes when they look at each other. When Rusty covers Corry in his embrace, there is just a feeling of safety and love. They are the true embodiment of selfless and unconditional love and a love that never fails. Being in their presence will definitely make your heart flutter if you’re a hopeless romantic like me. Their engagement session was absolutely perfect, and I am so thrilled to shoot their wedding this April.

Sacramento Engagement Session

Sacramento Engagement Session

Documenting this Sacramento Engagement Session was nothing short of absolute magic. Congratulations to this happy couple, I wish you both nothing but the best happiness in life!

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