Young’s Vineyard Wedding | Jaimie and Vaughn

I’m going to parallel Jaimie and Vaughn’s love story with my own reactions to the now infamous Beyonce pregnancy announcement photograph that was posted on Instagram this week. When I first saw the image, I didn’t think I liked it. So I went about my business, not really thinking about it too much anymore. And then it popped up in my feed again and I took a second look. I looked a little closer and started to see a depth and complexity I had not previously noticed. Then I spent some time researching the artist, getting to know his body of work, and viewing the image in the context of his works as a whole. And after spending a little bit of time in reflection, studying the image (and myself), I discovered that I really like it. In fact, I might even love it!

And so it was with Jaime and Vaughn. They met, had a date, and both decided, eh, I’ll pass. But, it was fated for them. And at the coaxing of a mutual friend, they went on a second date. And much like my reaction to the photograph, upon further study, they both saw things in each other that resonated, that made sense, that felt…right. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think you know the rest of this story since, after all, I am a wedding photographer!

Jaimie and Vaughn had their celebration with a Young’s Vineyard Wedding in the heart of Gold Country. It was a beautiful day full of love, devotion, and heart. Jaime is so gorgeous, so reserved, so….reflective and demure. And Vaughn, well he’s equally complex, just like that work of art I described above. It was so humbling to document their love, their vulnerability, their resolve to create a life together that honored their families, God, and each other. And just like that image, I expect the LOVE button to hit new records for these two!

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Ceremony and Reception Venue : Young’s Vineyard

Wedding Planner : Kristy Taliaferro

Make-up artist : Rachel Groves

Hair stylist : Tayler Aubrey

Florist : The Blossom Shop

Caterer : Hannibal’s Catering

Cake / Dessert : Ingrid’s Cakes

DJ / Band : Function 45 DJ Steve Schon

The Bridges Golf Club wedding | San Ramon | Kimberly and Wilson

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of people they surround themselves with. Or maybe I should say by the type of people who are drawn to them. When I first met Kimberly, she was a bridesmaid at Scott and Megan’s wedding. I remember being so impressed with with the bridal party and when Kimberley called me about her own wedding I was thrilled.

We set up a Skype consult and I got to spend some time getting to know her and Wilson. It was apparent very early in the conversation how made for each other these two really are. Both smart, hard-working, loyal, and beautiful souls in every way imaginable. They are the type of people you just want to hang out with, share stories and experiences, and make plans to conquer the world!

Their day was filled with all that they build for themselves and their families. They sealed their bond with a celebration at the Bridges Golf club wedding venue, in the heart of the Bay Area. People traveled across the country and across continents to bear witness to their union. Kimberly’s smile lit up the entire venue the whole day and their love radiated in a way that only those who understand the meaning of true love know and understand. They have such an incredibly bright future ahead of them and I am so grateful Jon and I were able to document the start of their journey together.

The Bridges Golf Club Wedding the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0002 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0003 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0004 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0005 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0006the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0008 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0009 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0010 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0011 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0012 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0013 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0014 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0015 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0016 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0017 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0018 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0019 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0020 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0021 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0022 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0023 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0024 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0025 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0026 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0027 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0028 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0029 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0030 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0031 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0032 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0033 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0034 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0035 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0036 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0037 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0038 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0039 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0040 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0041 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0042 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0043 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0044 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0045 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0046 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0047 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0048 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0049 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0050 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0051 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0052 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0053 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0054 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0055 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0056 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0057 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0058 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0059 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0060 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0061 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0062 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0064 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0065The Bridges Golf Club WeddingThe Bridges Golf Club Wedding_0081the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0068 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0069 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0070 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0071 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0072 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0073 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0074 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0075 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0076 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0077 the-bridges-golf-club-wedding_0078

Ceremony & Reception Venue : The Bridges Golf Club

Make-up artist : Josephine Harmon Fine Makeup Artistry

Hair stylist : Bare Beauty Designs

Florist : Solidified Elements

Videographer : NCompass Cinema

Cake / Dessert : OhHappyDay

DJ / Band : DJ ChrisMixx

Photobooth: Impressions Photobooth

Crocker Art Museum Engagement Session | Rohini and Ed

When Rohini and Ed told me they wanted to have a Crocker Art Museum engagement session I was THRILLED. As both an artist and an art collector, it’s a dream location to shoot. The idea of capturing such a special moment in their lives together in a wonderfully inspiring environment is a photographers dream. Plus, the Crocker is a place that holds very special memories for Ed and Rohini as a couple since they frequented the museum together when they were dating.

I felt like a kid in a candy store in what was truly an exhilarating afternoon exploring the museum together documenting their love story. It was a glimpse into their dating history, both quiet and intimate and a true reflection of the love and inspiration they both give and receive from each other every single day.

crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0020crocker-art-museum Engagement Session crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0002crocker-engagement-session_0006 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0007 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0008crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0004 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0009 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0010crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0011 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0015 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0012 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0013crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0016crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0018 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0019 crocker-art-museum-engagement-session_0017