The Lodge at Donner Wedding | Truckee | Jina and Doug

When I walked into the cabin that Jina and Doug shared to prepare for their wedding day and heard 90s HipHop playing, I knew everything was going to be alright. And so did they. It was why they spent the night before their wedding together, because they needed each other and knew they were better together than apart.  From the start, I think they both knew that.  The connection they found in each other was so deep it was nothing short of spiritual.

The love and dedication I saw in these two was something quite special. They are the couple you look to for advice. The ones you know are going to make it no matter what because their love connection is so strong. The way Doug calmed Jina’s nerves and the way they celebrated their wedding together was truly something you didn’t just see…it was something you felt.

It was a beautiful fall day for their The Lodge at Donner wedding in Tahoe/Truckee. The seasons were changing and days were getting shorter and the nights cooler as summer was now behind them. Snow had not yet fallen but you could feel that winter was not too far away.  A time of transition that Jina and Doug shared with nature and with each other as they started their journey as man and wife.

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Lodge Restaurant and Pub

Wedding Planner:  Sharae Townsend

Make-up and Hair: La Di Da Beauty

Florist:  Love and Lupines (Meghon Shrewsbury)

Cake / Dessert:  Sugar Pine Cakery

DJ / Band:   Extreme Productions 

Officiant:  Reno Tahoe Ceremonies (Eric Tastet)

St. Francis Church Wedding | Julia Morgan House Reception | Jamie and Mike

Jamie has a heart and a mind for politics. She cares about people and gets behind causes she believes in. It’s an admirable quality and one that I know Mike picked up on and was drawn to right away. She is a person who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it with her entire mind, body, and spirit. This beautiful girl is quite the force indeed. And Mike is her perfect match, a strong and handsome man who perfectly compliments her in every way. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two. I know it will be full of nothing but great accomplishments.

They had a St. Francis Church wedding with a Julia Morgan House reception. The weather was warm; but, it was not too warm. And, the night gave us that wonderful Delta breeze that makes summer and early fall in Sacramento so memorable. Everyone danced and drank the night away celebrating these two lovelies. It was a marvelous day and one I will not soon forget.

St. Francis Church Wedding_0002 St. Francis Church Wedding_0003 St. Francis Church Wedding_0004 St. Francis Church Wedding St. Francis Church Wedding_0005St. Francis Church Wedding_0006 St. Francis Church Wedding_0007 St. Francis Church Wedding_0008St. Francis Church Wedding_0010 St. Francis Church Wedding_0011 St. Francis Church Wedding_0012 St. Francis Church Wedding_0013 St. Francis Church Wedding_0014 St. Francis Church Wedding_0015 St. Francis Church Wedding_0016 St. Francis Church Wedding_0017 St. Francis Church Wedding_0018 St. Francis Church Wedding_0019 St. Francis Church Wedding_0020 St. Francis Church Wedding_0021 St. Francis Church Wedding_0022 St. Francis Church Wedding_0023 St. Francis Church Wedding_0024 St. Francis Church Wedding_0026 St. Francis Church Wedding_0027 St. Francis Church Wedding_0028 St. Francis Church Wedding_0029 St. Francis Church Wedding_0030 St. Francis Church Wedding_0031 St. Francis Church Wedding_0032 St. Francis Church Wedding_0035 St. Francis Church Wedding_0036 St. Francis Church Wedding_0037 St. Francis Church Wedding_0038 St. Francis Church Wedding_0039 St. Francis Church Wedding_0040 St. Francis Church Wedding_0041 St. Francis Church Wedding_0043 St. Francis Church Wedding_0044 St. Francis Church Wedding_0045 St. Francis Church Wedding_0046 St. Francis Church Wedding_0047 St. Francis Church Wedding_0048 St. Francis Church Wedding_0049 St. Francis Church Wedding_0050 St. Francis Church Wedding_0052St. Francis Church Wedding_0054 St. Francis Church Wedding_0055 St. Francis Church Wedding_0057 St. Francis Church Wedding_0058 St. Francis Church Wedding_0059St. Francis Church Wedding_0060 St. Francis Church Wedding_0061St. Francis Church Wedding_0063 St. Francis Church Wedding_0064St. Francis Church Wedding_0065St. Francis Church Wedding_0068St. Francis Church Wedding_0067St. Francis Church Wedding_0069 St. Francis Church Wedding_0070 St. Francis Church Wedding_0071 St. Francis Church Wedding_0072St. Francis Church Wedding_0076 St. Francis Church Wedding_0075St. Francis Church Wedding_0074


Ceremony Venue : St. Francis Church

Reception Venue : Julia Morgan House

Hair stylist & Make-up artist : Deeda Salon

Florist : The Posh Posey

DJ / Band : MR DJ Event Services

Old St. Mary’s Chapel wedding | Whitney Oaks Country Club Reception | Leilani and Brian

The first thing you have to know about Leilani and Brian: they are two of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. They are both working artists, activists, kind, caring, and just plain approachable people. From the first email, to the last hug when Jon and I left after documenting their Old St. Mary’s Chapel wedding, my heart was full of admiration and appreciation for them both.

Leilani is an accomplished artist, seriously her work is amazing! And Brian is a art designer on some pretty well known video game you may have actually played. They are such a powerful couple, both artistically and spiritually. Self-proclaimed twin-flames, soul-mates, and best friends, they slay individually and collectively in the most amazing way possible. And did I mention gorgeous too? I mean, Brian’s hair alone is enough to drive women crazy and then you have his beautiful bride with that “I want to stab you in the eye” brand of beauty that would make anyone jealous. Except when you meet them and realize what crazy cool caring people they really are. What a package!

They said their “I do’s” with an Old St. Mary’s Chapel wedding in Rocklin and partied the night away at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club. Because they are that kind of grounded with their family and their life. From a traditional church, to a country club, to an art exposition, to a raging San Francisco party, they just fit. And they make you fit with them. It’s an all-inclusive affair with these two and an experience I am truly grateful to have had.

Old St. Mary's Chapel wedding Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0002 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0003 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0006 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0009 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0010Old St Marys Chapel weddingOld St. Marys Chapel wedding_0013 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0014Old St Marys Chapel weddingOld St. Marys Chapel wedding_0017 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0018 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0019 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0020 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0021 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0022 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0023 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0024 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0026 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0028 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0029 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0030 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0031 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0032 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0034 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0035 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0036 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0037 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0038 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0039 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0040 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0041 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0042 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0043 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0044 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0045 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0046Old St Marys Chapel weddingOld St. Marys Chapel wedding_0049 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0050 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0051 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0052 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0053 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0055 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0056 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0057 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0058Old St Marys Chapel weddingOld St. Marys Chapel wedding_0061 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0062 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0063 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0064 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0065 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0066 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0067 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0068 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0069 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0070 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0071 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0072 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0074 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0075 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0076 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0077 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0078 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0079 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0083 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0084 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0085 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0090 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0091Old St Marys Chapel weddingOld St. Marys Chapel wedding_0094 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0095 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0096 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0097 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0098 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0100 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0101 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0102 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0103 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0104 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0105 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0106 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0107 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0108 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0109 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0110 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0111 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0113 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0114 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0115 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0116 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0117 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0118 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0119 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0120 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0121 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0122 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0123 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0124 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0125 Old St. Marys Chapel wedding_0126


Ceremony Venue : Old St. Mary’s

Reception Venue : Whitney Oaks Golf Club

Make-up artist : Irina Antonova

Hair stylist : Marisa Grace

Cake / Dessert : Jennifer Kay Palmer

DJ / Band : DJ Niki Mateo