Sacramento Indian Wedding | Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple | Rohini and Ed

Rohini had been on dating sites before; but, none of the men she ever met were interesting enough or smart enough to keep up with her. That was until she met Ed. He set himself apart with his intelligent brand of humor and his bold, confident ways. And even though they come from very different backgrounds – Ed’s family is Catholic and he was raised in the church and Rohini’s family is traditionally Hindu – they found they had much in common including a value of family, honor and loyalty, belief in a strong education, and a deep love of art, as you can see by their Crocker Art Museum engagement session. And it wasn’t long into their courtship before they both realized they wanted to be with each other forever.

This was the first time Jon and I had the privilege of shooting an Indian wedding and it was absolutely remarkable. The colors, the intricacies, the feeling of peace and harmony in the temple, the rush of not being 100% sure what was coming up next and yet being able to follow the flow at an instinctual level. I guess that comes from shooting weddings for so many years.

It was an incredible Sacramento Indian wedding at the Sri Siddhi Vinayak temple and an experience I will not soon forget. It was a small, intimate affair – which given that most Catholic or Indian weddings are HUGE – was a testament and reflection of Ed and Rohini. The way both families opened their hearts to each other, to their children as they became husband and wife, and to Jon and I as we documented the day, was something truly amazing in every sense of the word that left me feeling humbled and happy.

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Ceremony Venue : Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Reception Venue : private residence

4 thoughts on “Sacramento Indian Wedding | Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple | Rohini and Ed

  1. What a colorful wedding, I have never been to an Indian wedding before but I heard its usually very interesting, I hope I am able to attend one soon.

  2. I have never been to an Indian wedding but I have always admired the colors! I know this isn’t the pure and traditional one that I am used to seeing but I love that the couple isn’t set up. Her family welcomed him in like one of their own and that is a beautiful thing. I love seeing this in weddings, two opposites coming together in a union of love.

  3. My favorite two pictures are the small ones in which Ed and Rohini are putting rings on each other. In the first one, she looks like she’s concentrating deeply, just to make sure everything is going perfectly and the ring doesn’t drop or slip … and in the second one, as Ed slips the ring onto her finger, she is absolutely beaming. That smile made my day. These are lovely pictures, with colors as vibrant as the obvious joy of the in-laws on both sides. I’m so happy for these two. I loved the engagement photos, also. 🙂

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