UC Davis Arboretum Wedding | Kate and Robert

Falling in love with someone in the service means a life a little extraordinary. Having been raised in a military family, my Mom was often left to care for herself and for me without my Dad when he was on away stations or training in other states for months at a time. In fact, she always says it’s the military’s fault when I complain about being an only child…ha!! But seriously, it truly is a sacrifice that only those who serve and their families can really understand. Having a strong faith and foundation built on family and love is essential to the health of a all marriages, but especially for military families.

And let me tell you, the love and family foundation is strong with both Kate and Robert. Kate with her beautiful long hair and eyes that speak truth and her strong, almost stoic at times, other half Robert are quite a powerful couple. Their commitment to each other and their bond was almost tangible. It was a beautiful affair, focused on love, family, and food (oh man, the BBQ was to die for!!). It was everything they dreamed about and all that they deserved. I can’t think of a better celebration than their UC Davis Arboretum wedding as the start of happily ever after together!

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Ceremony and Reception Venue : Putah Creek Lodge

Make-up artist : Kimmi Gustafson

Hair stylist : Kimmi Gustafson

Caterer : Buckhorn Catering

DJ / Band : Tyler Chuck

3 thoughts on “UC Davis Arboretum Wedding | Kate and Robert

  1. What a colorful and joyous moment for them, as for the sacrifices I of think I can relate to that through the experience of my aunt that is married to a military man, he missed the birth of his two children and my aunt just had to resign to fate.

  2. The sunset shot is my absolute favorite. The angle and the lighting was PERFECT! This is not a generic/common wedding because of the military ties in it but I loved the way it was captured. The last shot kind of seals off the story in a happy and humorous way. The couple looks very happy and thankful to have one another. Love seeing that!

  3. I love the roller coaster ride of emotions, and have to confess that when I see pictures of so many people overwhelmed with tears, I tear up just a little myself. From the looks of enthusiasm, to awe, to absolute comfort, to singing together (with feeling!), to partying for all they’re worth, these families threw everything they had into this occasion. I adored the pictures with the little girls, and like Britanica, felt that the sun bursting through the trees was a blessing. Were those Kate’s brothers who gave her away? Bless Kate and Robert for their service to family and country. I wish them well.

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