Crocker Art Museum Engagement Session | Rohini and Ed

When Rohini and Ed told me they wanted to have a Crocker Art Museum engagement session I was THRILLED. As both an artist and an art collector, it’s a dream location to shoot. The idea of capturing such a special moment in their lives together in a wonderfully inspiring environment is a photographers dream. Plus, the Crocker is a place that holds very special memories for Ed and Rohini as a couple since they frequented the museum together when they were dating.

I felt like a kid in a candy store in what was truly an exhilarating afternoon exploring the museum together documenting their love story. It was a glimpse into their dating history, both quiet and intimate and a true reflection of the love and inspiration they both give and receive from each other every single day.

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Auburn Engagement Session | Rebecca and Matt

Before they were man and wife, Rebecca and Matt were just a boy and a girl who fell in love and decided to commit their lives to each other. They wanted to document the start of their love story in a space with significant meaning, their home. And so we had an Auburn engagement session in the comfort and familiarity of their own backyard.

And what a backyard it was! The hills of Auburn were beautiful and their neighbor let us explore the adjacent property for some wonderful sunset shots. They ended the day dancing in their front room with the warm glow of the sun behind them and the promise of happily ever after ahead.

Auburn Engagement Session auburn-engagement-session_0002auburn-engagement-session_0004 auburn-engagement-session_0003auburn-engagement-session_0005 auburn-engagement-session_0006 auburn-engagement-session_0007 auburn-engagement-session_0008 auburn-engagement-session_0009 auburn-engagement-session_0010 auburn-engagement-session_0011 auburn-engagement-session_0012 auburn-engagement-session_0013 auburn-engagement-session_0014 auburn-engagement-session_0015auburn-engagment-session_0027auburn-engagment-session_0028auburn-engagement-session_0017 auburn-engagement-session_0018 auburn-engagement-session_0019 auburn-engagement-session_0020 auburn-engagement-session_0021 auburn-engagement-session_0022

Grand Island Mansion Wedding | Brandi and Jonny

When my dear friend Julie called and told me her “second-daughter” Brandi was getting married and after showing her my work really wanted Jon and me to shoot her wedding, I was thrilled. And after I met Jonny, Brandi and their families, I knew why they were so beloved to Julie. Brandi is a beautiful girl with an infectious smile, mischievous eyes, and heart of gold. And Jonny, well he’s one of those all-American guys with a tender heart and incredible strength all at the same time. One simply can’t help but be endeared to them quickly.

It was a windy day at their Grand Island Mansion wedding and these two (along with the wedding party and families) rocked it all day long! They even braved the strong gusts by the river in one of what is now one of my favorite portrait shots ever. Maybe it was foreshadowing for their ability as a couple to weather anything. Whatever it was, it was pure magic. A day filled with love, laughter, and all the happiness these two deserve, forever and always.

grand-island-mansion-wedding_0002 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0003 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0004 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0005 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0006 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0007 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0008 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0009 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0010 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0011 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0012 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0013 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0014 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0015 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0016 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0017 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0018 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0019 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0020 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0021 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0022 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0023 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0024 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0025 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0026 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0027 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0028 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0029 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0030 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0031 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0032 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0033 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0034 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0035 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0036 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0037 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0040 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0041 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0042 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0043 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0044 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0045 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0046 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0047 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0048 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0049 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0050 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0051 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0052 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0053 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0054 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0055grand-island-mansion-wedding_0056grand-island-mansion-wedding_0058grand-island-mansion-wedding_0059grand-island-mansion-wedding_0057grand-island-mansion-wedding_0060 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0061 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0062 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0063 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0064 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0065 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0066 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0067 grand-island-mansion-wedding_0068



Make-up artist : All Dolled up Hair and Makeup Artistry
Hair stylist : All Dolled up Hair and Makeup Artistry
Florist : Jackie’s Flowers
Videographer : Jensen Films
Ceremony Venue : The Grand Island Mansion
Reception Venue : The Grand Island Mansion
Limo / Transportation : Sentimental Journey ( picking up bride and groom after reception)
Caterer : The Grand Island Mansion
Cake / Dessert : cake provided by mansion/ Danny’s Mini Donuts
DJ / Band ; DJ: California Nonstop/ Live Music: Mersonacta Quartet
Linens: Celebrations!