Arden Hills Wedding | Salvador and Sophia

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since Jon and I documented Sophia and Sal’s absolutely stunning Arden Hills wedding. It seems like it was not that long ago that I met them over coffee under a warm sky and the new colors of spring.

They told me how they met and fell in love and how their beautiful daughter Gabby brought them even closer together. They also told me they found me through their friends Aaron and Martinique, another incredible couple whose wedding Jon and I shot back in 2013! And as they told their story, It didn’t take too long for me see the loving subtleties of their relationship. It was not just the way they interacted with each other; but also, the way they did with with their Little girl!

Their engagement session only solidified for me the sweetness that was the two of them together. It was the little things. A small glance from her, a quick and small gesture from him, but it all added up to what I know will be happily forever after.

But their wedding day story almost played out a little differently. Just a few short weeks from the wedding, Sal injured himself to the point of being unable to walk! When I got the call I was devastated for him and for them both. But luckily, I saw the wedding community I am so blessed to be a part of rally around them and reschedule their wedding to a day where Sal was able to walk down the aisle and even get down a little bit at the reception. Everything works out for a reason and we get what we give. And I hope what you see in these images are these two lovelies getting everything they deserved…now and forever.

Arden Hills Wedding
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Wedding Planner : Stephanie Romo

Make-up artist : Sabel with All dolled up

Hair stylist : Lea with All dolled up

Florist : Cheryl with Accents by Sage

Ceremony Venue: Arden Hills-Villa’s

Reception Venue : Arden Hills- Heritage Room

Caterer : Arden Hills

Cake / Dessert : Cake Castle

DJ / Band :Rich with  SJ Disc Jockey

Roseville Backyard Wedding | Mike and Maggie

From the moment I met Maggie and Mike at Teresa and Steve’s wedding back in May, I knew they were something extra special. I love when people see Jon and I in action on a wedding day and immediately think…these are the people I want to have capture MY wedding! It’s absolutely one of the best feelings in the world.

And so we set up a time to meet and talk wedding details for their big day. And as soon as the conversation started, I knew exactly how they fit in this circle of amazingly talented theater people. Both Mike and Maggie are so warm, light-hearted, and dedicated to each other in a way that you can only react to with a big smile. And believe me, these two had all the smiles on their wedding day.

There’s something a little extra special (and stressful in some way too) when you are working as a commissioned artist on a wedding day for another artist! But Mike and Maggie are incredibly down to earth and made us feel so at home it was easy. Maggie was such an amazingly beautiful bride and Mike’s swag was on point all day long! They said their nuptials (under the threat of rain) with a wonderfully intimate, yet full of life and excitement, Roseville backyard wedding. Darth Vader served the food and the guests were entertained with an unforgettable first dance. It was a day that reflected the life and love that these two give to each other and their family and friends every day. The day left me feeling like you do after a big warm hug from a dear friend and I’m proud to call these two exactly that.

Roseville Backyard Wedding roseville-backyard-wedding_0071Roseville Backyard Wedding roseville-backyard-wedding_0002roseville-backyard-wedding_0003 roseville-backyard-wedding_0004 roseville-backyard-wedding_0005 roseville-backyard-wedding_0006 roseville-backyard-wedding_0007 roseville-backyard-wedding_0008 roseville-backyard-wedding_0009 roseville-backyard-wedding_0010 roseville-backyard-wedding_0011 roseville-backyard-wedding_0012 roseville-backyard-wedding_0013 roseville-backyard-wedding_0014 roseville-backyard-wedding_0015 roseville-backyard-wedding_0016 roseville-backyard-wedding_0017 roseville-backyard-wedding_0018 roseville-backyard-wedding_0019 roseville-backyard-wedding_0020 roseville-backyard-wedding_0021 roseville-backyard-wedding_0022 roseville-backyard-wedding_0023 roseville-backyard-wedding_0024 roseville-backyard-wedding_0025 roseville-backyard-wedding_0026 roseville-backyard-wedding_0027 roseville-backyard-wedding_0028 roseville-backyard-wedding_0029 roseville-backyard-wedding_0030 roseville-backyard-wedding_0031 roseville-backyard-wedding_0032 roseville-backyard-wedding_0033 roseville-backyard-wedding_0034 roseville-backyard-wedding_0035 roseville-backyard-wedding_0036 roseville-backyard-wedding_0037 roseville-backyard-wedding_0038 roseville-backyard-wedding_0039 roseville-backyard-wedding_0040 roseville-backyard-wedding_0041 roseville-backyard-wedding_0042 roseville-backyard-wedding_0043 roseville-backyard-wedding_0044 roseville-backyard-wedding_0045 roseville-backyard-wedding_0046 roseville-backyard-wedding_0047 roseville-backyard-wedding_0048 roseville-backyard-wedding_0049 roseville-backyard-wedding_0050 roseville-backyard-wedding_0051 roseville-backyard-wedding_0052 roseville-backyard-wedding_0053 roseville-backyard-wedding_0054 roseville-backyard-wedding_0055 roseville-backyard-wedding_0056 roseville-backyard-wedding_0057 roseville-backyard-wedding_0058 roseville-backyard-wedding_0059 roseville-backyard-wedding_0060 roseville-backyard-wedding_0061 roseville-backyard-wedding_0062 roseville-backyard-wedding_0063 roseville-backyard-wedding_0064 roseville-backyard-wedding_0065 roseville-backyard-wedding_0066 roseville-backyard-wedding_0067 roseville-backyard-wedding_0068 roseville-backyard-wedding_0069

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Hayes Residence (Roseville Backyard Wedding)

Limo / Transportation: Baja Limo

Caterer: Miss Kitty’s Catering

Cake / Dessert: Niara Cakes

Florist Bartlett Flowers and Gifts

ISPWP Summer 2016 Photography Contest Award Winning Photo

Having one of your photographs acknowledged as “award worthy” amongst so many incredible entries is something that makes me feel pretty happy. I’m thrilled to have another ISPWP win under my belt with this super sweet moment between Laura and her flower girl right after she gave her a keepsake necklace. There’s so much about this photo I love from the connection between the two girls to the way she clutches her newly treasured gift. It’s moments like these that make me proud I get to call myself a wedding photographer!

Check out all the contest winners here, I’m truly in great company!

ISPWP Summer 2016 Winner
What is the ISPWP?

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is an organization of the best wedding photographers in the world. It was created by professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding photography profession.

We are a resource for wedding clients who know they want to hire the best and the brightest for their wedding. When you hire an ISPWP member, you are hiring one of the most respected, professional and talented wedding photographers in the industry.

There are many online directories of wedding photographers. Some of them have hundreds, even thousands of photographers. That sounds great because there are so many to choose from! But most of these directories have little or no criteria for membership, they are simply paid advertising links that may include photographers with zero experience and unknown backgrounds who have simply paid the directory’s advertising fee.

Each and every ISPWP member has passed a rigorous application process and is recognized by their peers to be at the top of their field.

Membership Requirements

Professional photographers of all styles are welcome to apply for membership: Photojournalists, Traditionalists, Neo-Romanticists, Fashion-Inspired, Fine Art Cinematic style, or whatever label you give yourself. However, no matter what your photography style, the ISPWP maintains high standards for membership based on experience, talent, integrity, professionalism and references:

Experience: Members must have photographed a minimum of 50 weddings as the primary in-charge photographer. Weddings shot as a tag-along, second, or backup photographer do not count. This is the minimum experience requirement, many ISPWP members have shot hundreds of weddings.

Talent: Members must submit a website/blog/portfolio for review by a panel of ISPWP members. Online portfolio galleries must demonstrate artistic and technical ability. The portfolio must display a minimum of three galleries of complete weddings. Galleries that only display “selected favorites” from multiple weddings will be rejected.

Professionalism: Members must operate in accordance with the ISPWP Code of Conduct. This protects both the photographer and the client, and provides assurance to the client they are dealing with a professional who takes their business seriously.

References: Members must submit 2 client references, and 2 peer photographer references, or be sponsored by an existing ISPWP member.ISPWP Fall 2015 Photography Contest Award Winning Photo