Empire Mines State Historic Park Wedding | Anton and Sarah

Anton and Sarah tied the knot at Empire Mines State Historic Park.  It is one of my very favorite venues, a beautifully preserved mine in the Grass Valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California from way back in 1896.  Here’s a some park facts to make you smarter – the park still has 367 astonishing miles of historic mine shafts on 856 acres of awe-inspiring wilderness.  It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and the absolute perfect wedding atmosphere for an adventurous, life-loving couple like Anton and Sarah.

It’s funny because I’m not sure Sarah new how adventurous she really was until she met Anton.  He really has brought out a side of her I think she never knew existed.  Which is really what a marriage and partnership is about – a comfort with someone that allows you to step out of your own comfort zone, you know?

When I asked them what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, they both responded, “Getting married to my favorite person in the world.” They didn’t need anything crazy or fancy, they just wanted to spend quality time in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the state.

There wasn’t a dry eye left after their incredibly sweet, intimate ceremony, and I love that they took a moment to themselves to just enjoy the moment together before jumping into the reception to celebrate with everyone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, so they were intentional with their time and truly embraced the magic of the moment. While capturing their time together, I noticed that they both know exactly what the other needs – they are so intuitive at caring for each other.  Seriously, they just compliment each other really, really well.

For the reception, they joined their loved ones on a sparkling dancefloor in an alcove surrounded by the trees. Pretty strings of light cast a warm glow on the newlyweds as they shared their first dance as the sun set over the trees behind them. So romantic! Time stood still as they relished their time together.

After the dancing, cake, toasts and more, their friends and family sent them off in joyful applause with the stars twinkling overhead. Oh and pie, the most bestsest, wonderful, delicious pie, OMG I am craving it again just writing this.

Congratulations Anton and Sarah, this month marks the end of year one of wedded bliss for you.  I hope the first year of your marriage was as sweet as the pie at your wedding.

Empire Mines State Historic Park Wedding

Vendor Information

Make up and Hair Stylist : All Dolled up

Florist : The Bride

Ceremony and Reception Venue : Empire Mines State Historic Park

Dessert : An Honest Pie

DJ : Justin Warwick

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