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This wedding post is perfect proof that moments transcend language – heck I would even say moments are a language all their own. And Jon and I speak moment fluently!  Most of this wedding day was spoken in Chinese – only the bride and groom and a few family members spoke English – but it’s so easy to see the love story and deep family relationships in the photos. It’s in body language and tone, and it is something you can observe and capture if you know what to look for! I may not have been able to understand many of the words since the ceremony and reception were all spoken in Chinese, but I could certainly understand the celebration of love that was taking place, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Moments truly do transcend language. It was such a wonderful day!

They tied the knot at the Swedenborgian Church, which is as unique as it is naturally beautiful. It’s one of the oldest churches in the area and is designated as a historic landmark, but they’ve done a wonderful job at preserving the original beauty while keeping a fresh and vibrant ambiance with the gardens surrounding the church. The chapel is perfectly simple, allowing all of the attention to be on the meaningful moments happening inside.  It has been years since I shot here, like way back to one of my very first weddings ever in November of 2009 for Jim and Erinne’s wedding.  Yes, I just linked to a wedding I shot ten years ago!!  We lost Jim a few years back, but his love and spirit live on through Erinne, his son, and their two beautiful children.  He was a pretty amazing guy.

Helen and Zhe went all over San Francisco for portraits and it was so much fun!!  Not only did we really capture the love of these two, but also the city that stole their hearts.  It’s been a while since I’ve trekked around the city like that and it was a blast!

恭喜 Helen and Zhe!  Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness.

Vendor Information

Make up and Hair Stylist : Tiffany Chiang Design her image

Florist : Vanessa Lovato Polk Street Florist

Ceremony and Reception Venue : Swedenborgian Chuch and Parish House

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