The Bridges Golf Club Wedding | San Ramon | Elizabeth and Lane

As the old saying goes – opposites attract. Elizabeth and Lane come from very different backgrounds but together are a perfect match. Lane is Elizabeth’s rock, especially when things get stressful. Weddings can be crazy for sure and even when everything is going perfect, the day can be overwhelming!  It’s such an emotional day, in the best way.  My lady friends (and many men too) can feel me on this one.  Many of us are emotional creatures by nature, it’s just how we are built.  But during the ups and downs and roller coaster of feels happens on the wedding day – watching Lane be Elizabeth’s calming force was nothing short of #couplegoals perfected. And in return she is his fire, lighting a spark and passion in him like nothing else can.  Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, and their love is inspiring. Judging by the size of their wedding party, others think so, too. Their friends and family love them both fiercely, and it was awesome to be able to capture the unique bonds between them all.

One of the things I loved most about their relationship is that although they are different, they embrace their differences and encourage each other to show off their unique styles. They didn’t change who they were for each other, and their individuality is what makes them so special as a couple. She donned her high heels, deep red lipstick and beautiful tattoos while he showed off his awesome boots and handsome cowboy hat. He’s a little bit country and she’s a little bit rock and roll!  Together, they turned heads in the best way possible. Elizabeth and Lane looked absolutely amazing beneath the wedding arch handmade with love and together standing hand in hand.

Their ceremony and reception were held The Bridges Golf Club, a venue in San Ramon, California with spectacular hillside views. The open skies were breathtaking out on the green fairway, and the day couldn’t have been prettier. There was a nice breeze that added lots of energy to the photos as her dress and veil blew in the wind. 

After the ceremony, they all headed over to the reception. Keeping to their fun, live-life-to-the-fullest personalities, they did a candy toss in the middle of the party (which all of the kids loved of course) and followed the celebration up with lots of dancing and laughter. Congrats, Elizabeth and Lane!!

Vendor Information

Make Up and Hair Stylist : Ella Leyva

Ceremony and Reception : The Bridges Golf Club

Caterer : The Bridges Golf Club

Cake : Marla Erojo

DJ : Steve Schon Function 45


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