Clarksburg Wedding | Reamer Farms | MaryAnn and Aaron

MaryAnn’s family has farmed row crops at Reamer Farms for five generations. And so it was only fitting that MaryAnn and Aaron said their vows at their family-owned vineyard for their Clarksburg wedding. MaryAnn is such a sweet, beautiful and very introverted girl. To see the way she lights up around Aaron was something absolutely incredible to document. And he tried to hold it together, he really did. But when he saw her walking down the aisle to him to say their vows and commit their lives to each other, it was apparent how deep his love went. It was a beautiful summer day and when the breeze kicked in and ran through the trees I knew they were exactly were they should be. At home, her home and now his.

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Wedding Planner: Bride’s sister, Jamie Reamer
Florist: Visual Impact Design
Videographer: Iammoment Productions
Caterer: Rayna’s Gourmet Catering
Cake / Dessert: Freeport Bakery
DJ: DJ Nano Saenz
Reception Entertainment: Mariachi Zacatecas

9 Responses to “Clarksburg Wedding | Reamer Farms | MaryAnn and Aaron”

  1. bryan

    those photos in the car are stunning. great work!

  2. Anton Chia

    You Win! Perfect! I absolutely love the worm’s eye view wide angle shot of the ceremony.

  3. Marcela

    I love the laughter you captured, it’s so beautiful!

  4. Aaron

    Ah Teresa, as always a sensational collection of images. The ones in the car are my favourite. Beautifully presented LOVE it 🙂
    Here’s to an equally awesome 2016

  5. Jessica Schilling

    Such a gorgeous day and you captured so many lovely moments and fun expressions!

  6. Paul Krol

    You captured this so wonderfully – lovely portraits as well and love that vintage car!

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