Folsom Lake engagement session | Jennifer and Chris

Before they were man and wife, Jen and Chris were just a couple of young, beautiful, happy and SINGLE people who met at work one day and decided collectively that they never wanted to be without each other. Isn’t love grand?!

And that’s where I come in. Jen and Chris opted for a Folsom Lake engagement session engagement session before their wedding day as a way to capture a little of their pre-wedding bliss. And, I am so glad they did! I do love shooting engagement sessions. It’s so fun and relaxing (okay, okay…maybe it’s just a little bit more work than that). But honestly, it’s a fantastic way to get some images together without the stress and pressure of the big day’s timeline.

And so we headed to the lake with their sweet puppy dog Shasta (who you will see again on the wedding day) and spent the afternoon exploring the area, hunting for the best light, and documenting the sweet moments between them that lead up to their wedding day. I’d say it was downright blissful; but, I’ll let you decide!

Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-02 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-03 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-04 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-05 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-06 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-07 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-08 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-09 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-10 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-11 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-12 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-13 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-14 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-15 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-16 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-17 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-18 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-19 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-20 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-21 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-22 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-23 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-24 Folsom-Lake-Engagement-Session-25

8 Responses to “Folsom Lake engagement session | Jennifer and Chris”

  1. Carol King

    Fun pictures. Loved the scenes in the water.

  2. Anton Chia

    The silhouette shot took my breath away.

  3. tobiah

    what a wonderful session. beautiful light, couple and locations.

  4. Marcela

    I LOVE your use of framing! Also, that shot with the dog in the forefront cracked me up. Love it!

  5. Darren Gair

    These are wonderful. Love the variety and superb location selection. Beautiful work.

  6. Per Henning

    Wow! These images is so fun and beautiful

  7. bryan

    Gosh I love number seven! Also the silhouettes on top of the hill!

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