Edgewood Tahoe | Lake Tahoe wedding | Kathleen and Kris

Things don’t always go according to plan in this life. But sometimes, it those little curve balls we get thrown that make the journey that much more amazing. For Kathleen and Kris, a little family matter shortened their 18 month engagement to just 3 months. But lack of time did not stop this dark haired beauty and her charming, chivalrous man from having both the wedding of their dreams and an engagement session in Apple Hill.

And so with a little magic (read: mad-skills) by my dear friend Gigi of Sweet Sinsations events, these two had the Lake Tahoe wedding they always wanted. And it was nothing short of perfection! Northern California has experienced some wild and unpredictable weather this winter; and, on the night of the rehearsal dinner it was cold and frigid. But on their wedding day, the heavens parted just enough to let the sun shine in and warm us all up.

Because their officiant was only ordained for weddings in California, Kathleen and Kris got not only their wedding amongst the tall trees of the Sierra Nevada mountains with all their friends and family; but, they also got to have their intimate beach wedding on the California side of the Lake.

I’m always amazed at the way God plans things for the best…even when you don’t know it at the time. Everything came together just as it was meant to with the beauty of Lake Tahoe as the background, the love of family and friends, and the warm sun shining on Kris and Kathleen’s wedding day.

edgewood lake tahoe wedding image Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-02 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-03 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-04 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-05 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-06 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-07 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-08 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-10 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-11 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-12 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-13 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-14 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-15 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-16 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-17 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-18 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-19 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-20 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-21 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-22 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-23 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-24 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-25 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-26 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-27 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-28 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-29 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-30 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-31 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-32 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-33 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-34 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-35 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-36 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-37 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-38 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-39 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-40 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-41 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-42 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-43 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-44 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-45 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-46 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-47 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-48 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-49 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-50 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-51 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-52 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-55 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-56 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-57 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-58 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-60 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-61 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-62 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-63 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-64 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-65 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-66 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-67 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-68 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-69 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-70 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-71 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-72 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-73 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-74 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-75 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-76 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-77 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-78 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-79 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-80 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding-Images-81-1

Venue: Edgewood
Wedding Planning & Design: Sweet Sinsations Events
Hair/Makeup: Lea Buehler BGorgeous
Florist: Art in Bloom
Mint Napkins: America’s Party Rentals
Silver Rosette and Sequin Linen: Mimi and Company
Station Signs: Invitations Ink
Menu Cards/Table Numbers: Family friend
DJ/Photobooth: Music Magic of Lake Tahoe
Wedding Cake: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes
Decor Rental: Dogwood Party Rentals
Custom Signage: Em Lauren Vo

11 Responses to “Edgewood Tahoe | Lake Tahoe wedding | Kathleen and Kris”

  1. Matt

    Beautiful location, amazing wedding. Captured perfectly.

  2. Mercedes

    Teresa this is so beautiful! I love this location. I bet your bride and groom were over the moon with these.

  3. John Bello

    Gorgeous wedding – the location is insane! Love the shot of them first entering the reception – so good.

  4. Albert Palmer

    Happiness overload – beautiful work Teresa – I love that ending silhouette image

  5. Veronica Varos

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue, and gorgeous photographs!

  6. Jessie

    What a beautiful place for a wedding! Those pier shots are stunning! You are amazing!

  7. Ben Godkin

    Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and you captured it wonderfully!

  8. Jen

    Gorgeous location and beautiful photos! Love the paparazzi bridesmaids and the one of all the girls beneath the snow-topped cabin roof. The silhouette at the end is so gorgeous with the cotton candy clouds!

  9. Mandy

    What a gorgeous venue! The couple looks like they belong in the best way possible. I love your portraits! Great coverage. 🙂

  10. caroline

    loved what you wrote and the images are so beautiful. you captured their story perfectly, it seems.

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