Sactown Engagement Session | Midtown Sacramento | K & J

A beautiful couple who are head over heart in love, a super sexy little black dress with some killer high heels, and downtown Sacramento as a backdrop…could you ask for anything more in a Sactown engagement session? Oh, and for this one, we’re bringing balloons back. That’s right…you see our dear Miss K has dreamed of taking pictures with balloons since she was a little girl. And the wedding process is all about making dreams come true, right?!?! Speaking of dreams, for K and J, the fairy tale ending is right around the corner this summer; and, I simply can’t wait!

sactown engagement session by Teresa K photography sactown-engagement-session-02 sactown-engagement-session-03 sactown-engagement-session-04 sactown-engagement-session-05 sactown-engagement-session-06 sactown-engagement-session-07 sactown-engagement-session-08 sactown-engagement-session-09 sactown-engagement-session-10 sactown-engagement-session-11 sactown-engagement-session-12 sactown-engagement-session-13 sactown-engagement-session-14 sactown-engagement-session-15 sactown-engagement-session-16 sactown-engagement-session-17 sactown-engagement-session-18 sactown-engagement-session-19 sactown-engagement-session-20 sactown-engagement-session-21 sactown-engagement-session-22 sactown-engagement-session-23 sactown-engagement-session-24 sactown-engagement-session-25 sactown-engagement-session-26 sactown-engagement-session-27

14 Responses to “Sactown Engagement Session | Midtown Sacramento | K & J”

  1. bryan

    so moody. so good.

  2. Tyler

    the foreground work is soo good. solid stuff.

  3. Joe

    That shot through the balloons made me smile. 🙂

  4. Adam

    Great images, really love your use of light, especially in the opening graffiti shots 🙂

  5. small

    Awesome session! Love the graffiti shots and the photo with all the bikers is so fun!

  6. Marianne

    The graffiti shots are super funky and awesome. I love the photo of him dipping her with the balloons.

  7. Jessica

    It’s so rare to see work with such an edge these days. Very nice and really refreshing!

  8. Brett

    So good. Love those shots through the balloons too!

  9. Johanna

    You really can’t go wrong with balloons. <3 Lovely session, Teresa!

  10. Shari

    I’m diggin’ that one of them with all the balloons making for all that negative space around them. Good stuff Teresa!

  11. Priscila

    I love how you use the shadows to compose and frame the first couple of images .

  12. Douglas Pettway

    oh my goodness, these just get better and better as i scroll down. Love that silhouette so much!

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