Road Tripping Across the Southwest for Thanksgiving | Personal

It’s been a big adjustment since my husband’s whole family moved to Arizona a few years ago, but at least now we have an excuse to travel back to a part of the country we both love with all of our hearts. Well, we love it about 75% of the time, in the summer…that’s a different story!

This year we decided to take in some areas of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona that we missed on our last trip back to Phoenix for Thanksgiving in 2012. This also included an item from my photography bucket list…Antelope Canyon. And even with only an hour of shooting time and more people than I was expecting crammed in that little canyon, boy was it amazing.

We all had a wonderful experience and made a lot of great memories together. And again, I ditched the big girl camera and brought only my Fuji x100s. This left more room in the car for treasurers to bring back home too! That would include my awesome new Emiliano Zapata velvet painting that was the score of the trip. That’s right, I said velvet…you should be very jealous!

Day One: Bodie, Mono Lake (South Tufa), and the haunted Mitzpah Hotel in Tonopah
Day Two: Across Nevada through the Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51 to Zion
Day Three: Zion Nation Park, Red Canyon, and Bryce Canyon
Day Four: Zion, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend
Day Five: Canyon de Chelly for a Jeep tour of the Anasazi Indian ruins
Day Six through Nine: Thanksgiving and time with our Arizona family

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21 Responses to “Road Tripping Across the Southwest for Thanksgiving | Personal”

  1. Darren Gair

    WOW, these are amazing, what a beautiful and varied country you have at your disposal!

  2. Albert Palmer

    Stunning! I went on a road trip in the South West earlier this year – we had a blast and your photos took me right back.

  3. Tyler

    wow. now all i wanna do is go travel. obvis.

  4. Elissa

    Whoaaa I want to do this! You saw so many awesome things… that (red canyon?) cavernous area looks so cool.

  5. Daragh

    Wow Teresa! Fantastic photos. I particularly like the shots from day one. Looks like a set from an old western movie. I feel like I’m outdoors when looking at these pictures. I’m not sure if that the camera or you but it’s great. Well done!

  6. Jaakko

    You really have a talent too see things.. These are great!

  7. Wendy Strong

    Absolutely amazing, Teresa!

  8. Carol King

    Fantastic photos. You should sell your photos to National geographic.

  9. Penni Larson

    I really enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures. You did a beautiful job. I hope you enjoyed your trip as much as I enjoyed your photos.

  10. James Fischer

    Great shots Teresa! I love all of that area in Utah, plus Bodie.

  11. Matt

    Beautiful, great to see you post some personal work.

  12. Kristian

    Ah man, what an adventure! Always wanted to head out there, and these pictures just reinforce that. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  13. Elizabeth

    Crazy awesome rainbow shot!! Love the canyons, this looked like the funnest road trip ever!

  14. Jackie

    So awesome, I love these!! I need to get your route to do this trip with my family next fall!!

  15. Radek Fotogrupa

    I was looking for wedding inspirations and I found this… I just can only say one word: Stunning!!

  16. Tammy

    That rainbow is insane! Iā€™m on the hunt for the perfect rainbow but my shots are never even close to this! I know a lot of professional editing went into that photo, but still, that rainbow is pretty cool! Hopefully I can catch one as beautiful as this ā€“ well, a girl can dream, right?

  17. Alex London

    What an incredible trip. Your photographs are stunning! The shots inside the cave are incredible – seriously National Geographic worthy! How are you finding the x100s, I have one myself but find it difficult to put down my x-pro 1.

  18. Sukey

    I’m not sure how to refer to specific photos, but what am I looking at about 15 rows up with the stunning, otherworldly, orange swirls? I wasn’t sure if this went with the alien abduction shots and you were whisked off to some gorgeous alternative planet. I have been to this area and I know that I just don’t see the beauty you capture with your camera. It isn’t that I can’t see how gorgeous the area is, but I don’t see the take-your-breath-away details that you do. I wish I had that skill.

  19. L Allen

    These photographs blew me away. The scenery there is breathtaking. I get a wonderful feeling of space, such large skies and wonderful colour – the rust and ochres set against the deep blue sky. I especially like the abstract images involving the patterns and textures of the rocks, and other surfaces. What a trip that must have been.

  20. Jen

    These are beautiful photos! The travel bug has awoken inside me seeing the gorgeous southwest. My favorite photos were the canyon photos. Breathtaking! You are a fabulous photographer who really has an eye for a great picture.

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