Spring Engagement Session at Folsom Lake | MaryAnn and Aaron

MaryAnn is beautiful, sweet, and a little on the shy side. Being drop dead gorgeous and slightly introverted, I know her quietness isn’t always fully understood. But, I’m quite sure Aaron gets it. And treasures it for that matter as well. So when this beautiful orchid opened up with her guy for my camera, I felt like I was documenting something that not a lot of people get to see. For that I am grateful. It was everything you could have asked for in a spring engagement session at Folsom Lake. I can’t wait for their wedding, it’s going to be something really special!

Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-002 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-002 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-003 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-004 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-005 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-006 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-007 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-008 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-009 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-010 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-011 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-012 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-013 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-014 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-015 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-016 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-017 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-018 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-019 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-020 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-021 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-022 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-023 Spring-Engagement-Session-at-Folsom-Lake-024

13 Responses to “Spring Engagement Session at Folsom Lake | MaryAnn and Aaron”

  1. Jason

    That light is gorgeous – so well used, but your framing in the natural environment is something spectacular!

  2. Darren Gair

    Beautiful session, that golden lighting is just lovely

  3. Amy Barton

    Such amazing use of that gorgeous light Teresa! This is one seriously sumptuous set of engagement piccies – MaryAnn and Aaron must be very happy 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Dang, that is some top notch light in these, gorgeous work!

  5. Justin R

    Such a lovely engagement session! I like the images with a little strip of sunlight in the shadows, great shots!

  6. kong wai

    Love it. great use of natural light

  7. Heather Kanillopoolos

    AHHH I adore that first one by the water!!! Gorgeous!!

  8. Elissa

    These are such sweet photos, and you got some fantastic light throughout the session (I’m jealous. Can I move to where you are?)

  9. Diane

    So happy I stumbled upon these photos! I want to book a session with a professional photographer but some seem to be fascinated by cheesy photos. I would like mine to be full of emotions in a wonderful scenery, preferably near a lake. The last photo is breathtaking!

  10. Britanica

    Young love! Very well done. Each pictures shows how they are falling for each other every day. I love how you used the natural lighting to deepen the shadows of these shots. I swear it is like the photos must look better then what my eyes could have caught if I had been there in person! Beautiful!

  11. Friedrich

    Ari, thank you for featuring role modles such as MaryAnn. It is inspiring to hear from those who have developed a style for themselves that is truly personal and unique, in a world where designer looks tend to be simply followed and adopted wholesale (such as we can see in many street fashion blogs). MaryAnn , thank you so much for sharing your style philosophy. I liked your caution about relying on one designer (no matter how loved!) as the default determinant of one’s style. I agree that it’s actually a good thing that most of us have a wardrobe that is an assortment of different design styles. When we put on our shoes and clothes each day, we are each one of us creating an outfit combination that is not repeated anywhere else on the planet (unless we own all the items – headwear , bag and footwear included – that a particular designer has put together for a runway look; which is very unlikely).. So when we put on an item in the style of our favourite designer, we automatically personalize it when we add to it items that are not in the lineage of that studio. In other words, we are manifesting our own inner stylist. So much more interesting and personal than being a walking advertisement for a brand!

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