The Meritage Resort and Spa Wedding | Alexa and Chris

Wedding planning is such an exciting time for couples. Months and months of working out the perfect arrangements, tweaking the seating charts, and trying out every flavor cake until you’re sure if you try one more you’ll have to let your dress out an inch. All the choices can sometimes make it stressful, but it becomes worth it all when the big day finally arrives and you get to see all the hard work and details come to fruition.

And work for it Alexa and Chris did!  They went ALL OUT for their beautiful Meritage Resort and Spa wedding in Napa.  Alexa worked incredibly hard on all the little details, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Every place setting, floral arrangement, and linen was exquisite. The bride’s cake was stunning, and she chose not only one dress, but two beautiful one-of-a-kind gowns for their big day. Who says you always have to make such a tough decision?! You can’t go wrong with two gorgeous dresses!  Even the sunset knew it needed to step up its game for these two.  And Oh My Lawrd, it really did!!  The sky pretty much did a standing ovation that night.  It was perfect.

Before they were planning their wedding, Alexa and Chris were just a couple of college students, both very athletic and into sports.  It wasn’t long until they discovered this was one of many things they had in common.  The love of a sport is a strong connecting bond.  It transcends language, culture, and other barriers plus it can be a powerful tool in a relationship. Mourning a team loss, celebrating a win, or even having a rivalry or house divided keeps things interesting!  And I think they will ALWAYS be keeping it interesting in their house!  Just sayin’…I’ve seen the Facebook posts!

They hosted over 200 people at their dreamy event, with 16 in the bridal party! There was no shortage of love and family on this special day, that is for sure! It’s a lot of work planning a wedding and crossing your fingers everything goes as planned. But when the event goes off without a hitch, and you get to celebrate your love surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones it’s all worth it in the end. Cheers to the beautiful newlyweds!

The Meritage Resort and Spa wedding The Meritage Resort and Spa wedding The Meritage Resort and Spa wedding The Meritage Resort and Spa wedding The Meritage Resort and Spa wedding

Just look at the gleam in his eyes as he stares at his new bride. Just beautiful.

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Wedding Planner : Kristina Vaughan (From Plan2 Perfect)
Make-up artist : Lili Surplus
Hair stylist : Christina “Mac” McMillan
Florist : Linda Bakkie
Videographer : (Christine & Mike)
Ceremony Venue & Reception Venue : The Meritage Resort & Spa
Caterer : Meritage Resort
Cake / Dessert : Fleur de Lisa
DJ / Band : The Wedding Factor– DJ Tosh & Emcee Neketia
Photobooth : Night Owl Photobooth

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