UC Davis Engagement Session | Anna and Frank

Anna and Frank were recently married in Spain. But before they left for their wedding, I had a chance to capture the two of them together with a UC Davis Engagement session! It’s always a blast to spend time documenting happy, beautiful, in-love couples celebrating their relationship together.

UC Davis Engagement Session UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-02 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-03 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-04 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-05 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-06 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-07 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-08 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-09 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-10 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-11 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-14 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-12 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-13 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-16 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-17 UC-Davis-Engagement-Session-18

11 Responses to “UC Davis Engagement Session | Anna and Frank”

  1. Aldamar

    Absolutely Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing

  2. James Fear

    Hey Teresa. These are great. You can really feel the warmth between them and they also have the same car as me!

  3. Albert Palmer

    Love the first one of them sitting down – great use of light!

  4. Luke Hayden

    Awesome session, loving the tones in your work.

  5. LilyJane

    They look so adorable! I love Anna’s dress, it reminds me spring and youth, haha 🙂 Also what a wonderful weather you’ve got for this shoot – I’m jealous for you, because in my country (I’m from Europe) to plan a shoot on a sunny day is a huge challenge – weather changes very fast here 🙂

  6. Ramona

    The forest shots get me, even now going back and looking at them, I must have a thing for trees or maybe the way the light is shining through them. Nevertheless, these shots are absolutely adorable, they seem very happy together and you did a great job documenting that through your photography. Excellent job.

  7. Sarah

    Love the ones around the metal silos, awesome session!

  8. Heather K

    Awww that last shot!!!! So adorable!!

  9. Amy Barton

    Love your use of composition and framing Teresa – a ‘wow’ set of images!

  10. Sarah

    Beautiful, I love the ones with the silo, so fresh and modern!

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