2011 Year in Review | iPhone photos

A professional wedding and portrait photographer is posting iPhone images on her blog…seriously? Yes, seriously! I can’t tell you how much fun I have taking images with my iPhone. My phone is ALWAYS with me, so when I see something there is no hesitation, I can just capture it…and share it too. Uploading from my phone to Twitter and Facebook is awesome. I LOVE it. Right now I pretty much exclusively use Instagram for my iPhone photos. If iPhone photography is your thing, you can find me on Instagram under Teresa K photography.

And now I present the year that was 2011 as seen from my phone. I predict even MORE awesome iPhone photos for 2012!

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16 thoughts on “2011 Year in Review | iPhone photos

  1. LOVE this post! What a lovely snapshot of the year- I love iPhonography and am always amazed at some of the beautiful shots made by a phone!

  2. I love iphoneography!!! I am always shooting with my 4s whenever I’m not shooting a wedding, and even then I AM! You’ve got some great shots in there, print them!

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