2015 Moment Junkie Features

I’m super excited to have FIVE of my images featured on Moment Junkie this year!! If you’ve yet to discover this site, you should definitely check it out. In a world full of super stylized weddings where shoes, bouquets, and dresses are the main focus, Moment Junkie takes a very different approach. They share images completely dedicated to what, in my opinion, is the most important part of the wedding day…the moments. I think you’ll find it wonderfully refreshing; I know I do!!



Click here to see Lulu and Conrad’s feature
Or relive their wedding on my blog here

moment junkie nervous giggle


Click here to see Laurie and Eric’s feature
Or relive their wedding on my blog here

moment junkie cake smash


Click here to see Eric and Tonya’s feature
Or relive their wedding on my blog here

moment junkie mothers pride


Check out the feature on Moment Junkie.
Or relive Nicole and Kyle’s wedding on my blog.


Click here to check Chris and Ande’s feature!
And if you’d like to relive all the moments from the wedding day, the full blog post can be found here.



3 thoughts on “2015 Moment Junkie Features

  1. Wow! Congratulations for you! You have earned it! I really love the second one – you have caught very good moment. If I had a photo like this in my wedding album, I would be very happy and probably this photo would hang on my wall in the most important place of my house, haha. Sad, but me and my husband just ate the cake – our faces were clean :)))

  2. I love seeing moments like these where family come together and celebrate a union of love. You can really see the happiness in the pictures. I used to say I would never get married when I was in my teen years but I am now engaged myself. Funny how time changes things. Very beautiful photos!

  3. The “Oh no He Didn’t” is my favorite hehe, you expect it but never see it coming. “Mother’s Joy” is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait till I’m attending my children’s wedding and possibly embarrassing them because I know I will be bawling tears of joy. It’s such a special day and all these photos show that very well.

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