Auburn Engagement Session | R and M

Before they were man and wife, R and M were just a boy and a girl who fell in love and decided to commit their lives to each other. They wanted to document the start of their love story in a space with significant meaning, their home. And so we had an Auburn engagement session in the comfort and familiarity of their own backyard.

And what a backyard it was! The hills of Auburn were beautiful and their neighbor let us explore the adjacent property for some wonderful sunset shots. They ended the day dancing in their front room with the warm glow of the sun behind them and the promise of happily ever after ahead.

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One thought on “Auburn Engagement Session | R and M

  1. I just love the first picture, so heartfelt and simple. The rest are spectacular, as is so much of your work, Teresa. It’s hard to imagine what emotions you must feel as you share these precious times with so many couples, but I think your work speaks volumes about what you’re experiencing as you capture the range of beauty in the physical locations and the range of emotions in the couples, their friends, and families. I’m always amazed when you throw in little details like the unexpected llama or the heart shape formed between Rebecca and Matt in the last shot. It’s wonderful that they’ve agreed to allow your fans the vicarious joy of their most cherished moments.

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