It’s Back to School Time at our House

It’s that time of year again, back to school. The feeling of going back to school doesn’t seem the same without that crisp Autumn air I remember when school started back in my day…wait, did I just say that? WOW, now I sound like my mother. Wait, my mother’s a blog reader, Mom, I didn’t mean it in a bad way! Oh boy, I’m in trouble now.

Well no matter what, August is an early start for sure! The kids are officially at their new school and loving every minute of it. Well, maybe not the homework part for Mitchell, but everything else is SUPER. This was Megan’s first year to get in on the first day of school picture taking. And, as it is every year, I only ended up with about 3 minutes to get some pictures taken to commemorate the event because no one wants to be late on the first day.

Here’s Mitchell, the big 2nd grader. With a photographer for a mother you’ll either become a model or end up hating having your picture taken. He goes both ways for now, as you can see from his pictures…

First Day of School by Teresa K photography

And our little Megan, all grown up and in preschool…AMAZING. She loves to make faces for my camera. She has so much personality. She didn’t even cry when I dropped her off, although I may have shed a tear or two…

First Day of School by Teresa K photography

They’re ready for the first year of school together. Wish us all luck!!

First Day of School by Teresa K photography

6 thoughts on “It’s Back to School Time at our House

  1. This is your Mommy speaking. Yes I do read your Blog. It's not so bad to sound like your Mother. Just look at my adorable Grandkids. Got a love it.

  2. Enjoy every minute. Time flies when school starts and you are helping them to grow their "wings." I am so glad we saw you in May. Hugs to everyone, Aunt Helen and Uncle Tom.

  3. Super pictures Tracy! The kids are adorable. I miss those days with mine. Enjoy them while you can as they grow fast. Melissa is 25 and Elijah is now 13. Take care!

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