Folsom Engagement Session | Jamie and Vaughn

When Jamie and Vaughn told me they wanted a Folsom engagement session that represented the undeveloped part of the city before houses and businesses took over, I was completely enamored with the idea! Having called Folsom home since 1997, I knew exactly what urban sprawl would do to those rolling hills on the other side of Highway 50 and was excited to spend some time in the “country” side of our city. And when Vaughn told me he was bringing his 1956 chevy, I knew it was going to be a little extra special.

We had a little time at the end of the shoot to drive into old town were we made a beeline for the lake. I may have gotten a little wet (soaked actually) for the sunset images, but it was completely worth it for that perspective of the Folsom bridge.

folsom-engagement-session_0003 folsom-engagement-session_0004 folsom-engagement-session_0005 folsom-engagement-session_0006 folsom-engagement-session_0007 folsom-engagement-session_0008 folsom-engagement-session_0009 folsom-engagement-session_0010 folsom-engagement-session_0011 folsom-engagement-session_0012 folsom-engagement-session_0013 folsom-engagement-session_0014 folsom-engagement-session_0015 folsom-engagement-session_0016 folsom-engagement-session_0017 folsom-engagement-session_0018 folsom-engagement-session_0019 folsom-engagement-session_0020 folsom-engagement-session_0021

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