Celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss…Italian style

If I could only choose one word to summarize our trip to Italy it would have to be “satisfying”.

I feel like my eyes are open in a way I’m not sure they ever have been before. My husband and I love to travel, and we’ve traveled to many places in the United States and Mexico including: Chicago, New York, DC, Maryland, Boston, Seattle, Texas, Florida, the mid-west, Alaska, Hawaii, all over Arizona and California of course, the Bahamas, the Yucatan peninsula, almost the entire Mexican west coast, even Vancouver. These have all been very comfortable places for us and all within reach. This year, in celebration of our 15 year wedding anniversary, we wanted to do something outside of North America. Because, 15 is one of the big ones, right?

Italy was so completely different than any other vacation we’ve ever taken. It was AMAZING. The people, the atmosphere, the history, the culture….we loved every single moment of it. The country is so…rich.

I’m not sure I ever fully realized just how young our country really is. Being a California girl, I can remember going to the East coast for the first time and thinking…WOW, this stuff is so OLD. Okay now I’m thinking…maybe not so much.

If I could bottle up Italy and take it home with me I would. There is so much there that just cant be duplicated in the United States (as much as I love it here).

But seriously, it was an amazing trip and I highly recommend it. Anytime you want to sit down and talk travel, just invite me to coffee and I’m in! I can’t wait to start planning our next big trip. Since we left the kids with Nana and Papa for the week, I have a feeling it’s going to be Disney World…lol.

Here’s a breakdown of our itinerary in case you were interested. We planned the trip ourselves which included several small group and private tours with a company called Walks of Italy. There were VERY good and I would definitely recommend them.

Day 1 – Twilight city stroll through Rome
Day 2 – Ancient Rome
Day 3 – Vatican City, then hopped a train to Florence
Day 4 – Florence including the Uffizi and Academia
Day 5 – Bologna and a tour of the Ducati factory and museum
Day 6 – the Tuscan countryside including San Gimignano and Siena
Day 7 – Breakfast in Florence then back to Rome to wander
Day 8 – homeward bound in the afternoon and dinner with a friend in Philadelphia

image of Rome by the Spanish stepstwilight images of the Spanish stepsimage of the interior of Bernini’s churchimage of the Trevi Fountain at twilightimage of beautiful architecture in Rome Italyimage of the pantheon in Rome Italynighttime street view in Romethe roman forum in Italyimage of the interior and exterior of the coliseumimages from inside the coliseum in Rome Italyimage from inside the roman coliseumpalatine hill image on a rainy daythe roman forum in Rome Italyimages from the roman forum in Italymuseum view of Rome and the coliseumskyline view of the city of Romeimages of downtown roma at nightnighttime images of the roman coliseumthe Vatican city and st peters basilicast peter's basilica in the Vatican cityinterior of the Vatican city in RomeFirenze, Florence city viewmain waterway in Florenceduomo in Florence Italyinterior of a bed and breakfast in Florence Italythe David at the academia in ItalyItalian artist at work in Florenceportrait of a working artist ion Firenze ItalyFlorence city view at nightthe Italian train stationtourist waiting for the train in bolognasnow in Italy in Februarysnow on the ground in bologna Italythe Ducati museum in bologna Italyimage from the interior of the Ducati museumbologna Italy in Februaryyummy Italian cured meats in Italyauthentic meat and cheese shop in bologna Italyfresh fruits and vegetable stand in bologna Italyimage of the town of bologna covered in snowbologna church in ItalySan Gimignano on the hillsideimage of the building in San Gimignano Italyinterior streets in the town of Siena Italyalley in sienna Italyimage of the duomo in sienna Italysienna church in Italyinterior of the duomo in sienna Italyimage of a walled city in Italyinterior of the walled city on the Tuscan countrysideItalian winery in Tuscanya house on the Tuscan hillsidesunset on the Tuscan countryside

22 thoughts on “Celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss…Italian style

  1. I am so so so happy for you Teresa, that you and your husband got to have this amazing experience for your anniversary! The photos are gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous photos, and what a wonderful anniversary trip! Italy looks just beautiful. We love to travel, too, but I’ve never been out of North America. I’m dying to go to Europe soon!

  3. Those are some seriously amazing photos, Teresa. I especially love the first several taken at night – the colors & lights, especially of the plazas and the beautiful old buildings & domes are spectacular.

  4. our ten year anniversary is just around the corner and we REALLY want to go to italy. after seeing these, now i really REALLY wanna’ go. congrats on being married for 15 years! you two must be so happy!

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