6 thoughts on “Janelle and Loran’s Tahoe Donner Wedding Featured on Tahoe Unveiled

  1. I agree with them, that’s one of my favorite weddings, they both look gorgeous! Love the succulent details on the cake, I used them in my wedding as well.

  2. This is the second Tahoe area wedding that I’ve seen on your blog, and I’m now convinced that it has to be the perfect place to get married, or for a photographer in general, and that you very much deserved the feature. I have to say that I love your little introductions to the couples that you write before the photos, almost as much as your photography itself. I feel like I know them just a little when I finally scroll down to the pictures, and that it helps me get that little more out of your amazing work!

  3. I know you can only work with what you are given, and they gave you a ton to work with. You use everything in such a great way. Thanks for sharing everything with us. I feel so blessed to share in your joys.

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