Mosquito Bridge Engagement | Ashely and August

When Ashley and August told me that wanted to go rappelling for their engagement session, I was THRILLED. I love it when couples incorporate activities or places that are special to them into their photo shoot; it just gives the images that extra sense of history. And so we headed out on what was a crisp fall day in Placerville for a Mosquito Bridge engagement adventure!

August comes from a long line of climbers and passed on his love of the sport to his future wifey. Photographing the two of them descend the side of a cliff under a bridge down to the river was magical. Climbing up out of the ravine when we were done…maybe not so much! You know you are making a steep ascent when you have to use the roots of trees to pull yourself up the path.

But seriously, it was a whole lot of fun and a prelude to what was an incredible wedding. But that will have to wait. For today, we’ll focus on the lovely Ashley and August and what was my last engagement session of 2015!

Mosquito Bridge Engagement mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0002 mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0003 mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0004 mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0005 mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0006 mosquito-Bridge-engagement_0007 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0008 mosquito-bridge-engagement_0009 mosquito-bridge-engagement_0010 mosquito-bridge-engagement_0011 mosquito-bridge-engagement_0012 mosquito-bridge-engagement_0013 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0014 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0015 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0016 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0018 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0019 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0020 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0021 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0022 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0023 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0024 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0025 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0026 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0027 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0028 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0029 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0030 mosquito-ridge-engagement_0031

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