Newcastle Engagement Session | Elizabeth and Matt

It always makes me happy when a couple chooses to do an engagement session.  It’s the perfect way to get comfortable in front of the camera and grab some fantastic images without the pressures of a wedding day schedule.  And when Elizabeth and Matt said it was a priority for them to do a pre-wedding session, I was thrilled.  So we headed out to their dear friend’s beautiful home for a Newcastle engagement session and spent the afternoon wandering the property.

Little did I know what I was in for that day.  Matt showed a hint of his wonderfully goofy personality in the consult, but he really let it out for the engagement session.  And let me tell you, so did the animals.  Oh my goodness, all the the animals!!!

It started with their doggie, she was wild and crazy and just wanted to be silly.  Then the family horse decided to join us.  And he was a ham and a half.  I have never quite been photobombed by a horse like that before.  Poor Elizabeth, I think she was the only straight shooter in the group!!  We did manage some more serious images, but I don’t really think that’s 100% who these two are, so I am glad the session went the way it did.  It helps that Elizabeth is gorgeous no matter what you throw at her too!

I can’t wait for their wedding…this month!!

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8 thoughts on “Newcastle Engagement Session | Elizabeth and Matt

  1. The horse! Laughed the moment I saw that horse, how awesome! Great connection between these 2, you’re gonna have a blast at their wedding!

  2. You always get to photograph in the most amazing sceneries! Our engagement session was 10 years ago and it was something simple, on a sunny day in the park. I’m thinking of doing another session with my husband and you seem perfect for this.

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