North City Church | Unite Everything 4 Promo Shoot

When Pastor Glen from North City Church contacted me about Unite Everything 4, I was totally down to support the cause. Pastor Glenn and his youth group are doing some amazing work here in Sactown and giving back to the community in some extraordinary ways. You might remember the last UniteEverything event, Unite Everything 3 back in August. I feel so blessed with my life so anytime I have an opportunity to give back, I always do my best to make it happen.

This time, the theme was Jacob’s ladder and the concept of Heaven and Earth. We were somewhat limited in the props department, but that didn’t stop us from pulling everything together. Glenn and Logan were fantastic (and both willing to get up super early for this morning shoot). Pastor Glenn used his design skills to create the flyer from my image.

If you’re in the area and have the time, I encourage you to come out to North City Church and get your worship on with this amazing group of people!

* * * UNITE † EVERYTHING 4 * * *

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