Our new puppy | Gertrude the English bulldog

We’re animal people, Tim and I both. Since we were both small children, we have always have had a deep love for animals.

As a couple our first baby was Beatrice, our sweet smashed face little pug dog (otherwise known as a Dutch bulldog). Our second baby was Gunther, our stubborn French bulldog. The minute we bought a house, we got them. And for four years, before we had Megan and Mitchell, they were the children!

Now let’s fast forward a few years. The kids are 4 and 9 and our original babies are now 13. They are senior citizens and don’t quite have the energy to keep up with the kids. So Tim and I decided that it was time to get another dog. We wanted a new puppy for the kids to take care of (and learn the responsibility of having an animal) and we wanted to have her while Beatrice and Gunther were still around so they could teach her a few things! So we rounded out the bulldog trifecta with an English bulldog. They have an excellent reputation as a good family dog (which was important to us) and she’s got that bulldog look we both like so much.

I just couldn’t resist sharing these pictures of Gertie. And of course I threw in a few of the other furry babies for good measure.

English bulldog puppies in folsomPicture of an English bulldog puppy
English bulldog images
English bulldog puppies in folsom
english bulldog meets cat
image of a pug and a French bulldog
pug and English bulldog sleeping together

23 thoughts on “Our new puppy | Gertrude the English bulldog

  1. Oh man. Ernie is just now starting to hate the snow less… it’s not been nice enough for photos – unless I want them of a shivering, miserable pug puppy. Gertie is divinely gorgeous and your taste in dogs (and names) is another twin moment for us!

  2. OK, now that’s a seriously cute pup. Not sure the older one quite agrees but hey, look at ’em all curled up! How freakin’ cute is that?!?!

  3. Hi Teresa,

    I was looking for a bulldog and pug sleeping photo and came up with yours. It’s so cute…absolutely adorable. I was wondering if you would like to sell the picture. I will not use it for any commercial purpose, will frame it for our bedroom. I would really appreciate if you do.

    Hope to get some positive response.



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