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I’ve not been very good about posting as much personal stuff as I used to on the blog. I think I get so wrapped around the business part of my photography, I forget that I also wanted to share parts of my own life here. And so I’m going to attempt more personal posts.

With the exception of my Mom and Dad, all of my family lives in the mid-west. I grew up an only child with not a lot of family around me. We were a military family and we went where the Air Force needed my Dad. I suppose that there are good and bad things about growing up away from family. All of your mistakes aren’t on display for the world to see, but your larger support system is far away too.

My mother’s Mom (Grandma Rush) always comes for a visit to see our family this time of year. She stays for three weeks and her and my mother spend time at the casino and the thrift shops. It’s wonderful that we get to see her and the kids have a blast with their “Grandma Monster Truck” who loves to play with them doing whatever they are into at the moment. So after having the kids for the weekend Tim and I headed up to visit for some of Grandma’s fried liver (don’t judge) and some quality time.

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14 thoughts on “Personal | Spending time with family

  1. oh my goodness, teresa! i think this may be my favorite post from you. you won me over with that first shot, but i died when i got to the puppies! love that you did all of these in black and white.

  2. omg. teresa. i am not a dog person at all. but. those. puppies!!!!! i love them!!!
    my goodness. anyway, love the way you did this in B&W – the conversions are gorgeous, and the memories are absolutely priceless for your kids! thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Ah – those puppies are the cutest!

    I totally get what you mean about not being good at posting personal stuff. I definitely struggle with that – I take photos for personal use and intend to blog them… but then just never get around to it.

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