Placerville wedding | Cold Springs Golf Club | Monica and Scott

Timing is everything; truly it is. Monica had been looking for her Mr. Right for a long time and was ready to throw in the dating game towel, when an online wink and a smile turned out to be from someone right underneath her nose. Scott and Monica had been running in the same circle of friends for years; but, it wasn’t their time. And so they passed by each other like leaves in an autumn breeze until God decided it was right. And when they finally came together, it was so…right.

I think that time creates a certain understanding and appreciation for things in our lives. It’s easier to know and long for the depth and complexity of a loving relationship when we truly know the feeling of its absence. And so beneath a beautiful oak tree at the Cold Springs Golf Club in Placerville, Monica and Scott said their vows and started the next chapter of their lives together, one that was written long before even they ever knew.

Venue: Cold Springs Golf Club
Second Shooter: Glenn Robinson
Reception Entertainment: “Turbo” Ted Robertson

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