Newborn Photographer | the Rangel family | baby Eli

Christmas is the season of miracles and a time to count your blessings. And so I find it very fitting to share this session with you today, a short four days before the Christmas holiday is here.  It all started as a love story between a boy and a girl. Then came their wedding day a few short years ago.  And you know what comes next (according to that old song anyway)…

And so, when Kindra and Steve officially announced that a baby boy was on his way, I was beyond thrilled for them.   And when sweet little Eli was born with complications, my heart broke for them as well.  But as I said, this post is about miracles!  And so our little Eli came into this world surrounded by the love and support of his family and helped along in his journey by the skilled hands of many doctors and nurses. I am happy to report that today Mr. Eli is growing and thriving under the care of his parents at home.

Kindra and Steve, they say God only gives you what you can handle. To me this means that in addition to being beautiful inside and out, you are both obviously exceptionally strong as well. Eli, you are so blessed to have the parents and family that you do.  I hope one day you look back at these baby pictures and can feel just how loved you are and have always been.


11 thoughts on “Newborn Photographer | the Rangel family | baby Eli

  1. oh my gooossssh teresa, this post brought tears to my eyes. what a blessing for this couple, this baby, and what a blessing for the baby to have them as parents! your words at the beginning are so beautiful and these portraits (which are really stunning visually and emotionally!) are i’m sure going to be treasured forever.

  2. These are some of the best pictures a young family could ever have! They will become memories of their son’s tenacity and their own personal courage.

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