My Guest Blog Post on DigiLabs Pro | So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer

I won’t lie, when DigiLabs Pro approached me to write a guest blog post for them I was pretty stoked. Then when I realized I needed to come up with my own topic, excitement led to anxiety pretty quickly. And so I racked my brain. After 7 years of shooting weddings, what advice did I have to offer the wedding community? When I thought about my own journey, I realized that there were so many lessons along the way that I couldn’t just pick one topic. And so I went back to the beginning…what did it take me to get to this point in my career and how could I help people set up a foundation for success in this business? And thus my guest blog post “So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer” was born.

I broke my advice into seven categories that I felt were the most important aspects of a starting a wedding photography business: Know Your Craft, Price Yourself Right, Make It Legal, Create An Emergency Plan, Show It Off Online, Be Willing To Shoot For Experience, and Make Friends.

Wedding photography is a very saturated market and it takes so much to be successful, but the hard work is completely worth it to realize your passion as a profession. If my article helps even one person on their journey in this business, I will be forever happy.


8 thoughts on “My Guest Blog Post on DigiLabs Pro | So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer

  1. Congrats on your DigiLabs Pro blog article! It’s wonderful that you are able to share your experience with artists who are new to the market.

  2. Congrats to you! What a wonderful opportunity… I am not surprised though with all of the beautiful photos I have seen from you. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the days to come… gorgeous!

  3. It is so cool that you got featured on another blog, but you deserve it! I have just fallen in love with your pictures! I wish you could do my wedding, but unfortunately I live pretty far from California. Congrats!

  4. Such a great article, and yeah, it really is an area that is saturated but I still imagine it would be something I’d like to try and break into one day – that being said, I’d have to improve my eye for photos a lot more before then. I’m so impressed with the way you capture your images and their overall feel, which is something that I’m nowhere near close to doing, but there’s always room for improvement. I have bookmarked your post for future reference!

  5. What a wonderfully well thought out article. I’m certain that you’ve met your goal of helping at least one person out with it. I’m sure it was more than one person. I’m not even a wedding photographer and I got plenty of helpful advise out of it for me. Congrats on the feature.

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