Camping trip to Point Reyes, California

Every year we pack up the family and escape in our little tent trailer to the coast for a weekend of campfires, BBQ oysters and no television! This year we made a special trip out to the Point Reyes lighthouse. Here are some pictures from our outing!

Point Reyes Lighthouse, California

How sweet is this? I caught these two lovers in the act!

Kissing Deer at the Point Reyes Lighthouse by Teresa K photography
Deer on the cliffs in Point Reyes California by Teresa K photography

She tought I couldn’t see her, buy she was wrong!

Camouflaged in Point Reyes, California by Teresa K photography

One thought on “Camping trip to Point Reyes, California

  1. Wow… Wonderful place! What a beautiful Roe, captured perfectly. Two lovers in the act are so sweet. Real love on this picture. This is perfection, Teresa. Nice natural place, I really like it. Gorgeous images, thank you for sharing! I always enjoy your photos

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