Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding | Linda and Brian

From the moment they met at Santa Clara University, Linda and Brian saw something extraordinary in each other. This strong, steady, handsome man from Maui and this beautiful, spirited, ambitious girl from the mainland might not have known it at the time, but they were destined for greatness together.

These two are a super loyal, ridiculously good-looking, overachieving power couple. And in their decade of history together so far, even though they were not always together physically, they had a connection that survived Brian studying abroad in Australia and the relentless travel schedule of Linda’s consulting work. But not even time or distance could extinguish the spark between them. Both eventually returned to SCU for graduate school where Brian earned his Master’s in Business Administration and Linda earned her Juris Doctor degree. I can only imagine what the future holds for this two, but I can say this for certain…the future’s so bright, they better be wearing shades!

It was a beautiful early summer day for their Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding and everything was perfect just as you would expect! Ho’omaika’i ‘ana Linda and Brian. May this life bring you many blessings and much happiness. And, may you always remember the Hawaiian saying, male ana e pili mai aloha kaua – we two will cling to love in marriage – and cling tight to each through whatever life brings.

Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding02 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding03 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding04 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding05 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding06 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding07 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding08 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding10 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding11 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding12 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding14 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding15 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding16 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding17 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding18 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding19 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding20 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding21 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding22 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding23 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding24 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding25 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding26 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding27 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding28 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding29 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding30 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding31 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding32 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding33 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding34 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding35 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding36 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding37 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding38 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding39 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding40 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding41 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding42 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding43 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding44 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding45 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding47 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding48 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding49 e- Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding51 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding52 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding53 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding54 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding56 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding57 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding58 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding59 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding60 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding61 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding62 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding63 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding64 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding65 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding66 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding67 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding68 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding69 Edgewood-Lake-Tahoe-Wedding70

Venue: Edgewood Tahoe
Florist: Thran’s Flowers
Cake: Cakes by Grace
Band: Lake Tahoe DJ

11 Responses to “Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding | Linda and Brian”

  1. Albert Palmer

    Love all those beautiful colour s- this was a well thought out wedding! Beautifully captured as always Teresa.

  2. Luke Hayden

    Your work is on point.

  3. LilyJane

    I really love the story you have wrote about Linda and Brian :)) It seems that you have really found a connection with them during your work 🙂 Also I really like your black and white photos – they are stunning. Actually, the whole album is perfect – thank you for sharing your works 🙂

  4. Britanica

    I love the picture where you can see the groom was close to tearing up! Al the pictures have such life to them. I really like the black and white ones myself. What really shows their love is the ones that were taken while the sun was setting. Those are just absolutely stunning! Well done and congrats to them both 🙂

  5. Ramona

    Wow, I honestly felt like I was right there with every picture. You did a great job capturing some amazing moments from this couples wedding. My favorites have to be the shots of the actual wedding, they really stand out. Overall absolute amazing job and I can’t wait to browse more of your work.

  6. Sarah

    The wedding party photos are so fun and those portraits at sunset are BEAUTIFUL! Super job on this one!

  7. Heather K

    Your work is so breathlessly gorgeous!! <3

  8. Amy Barton

    Those sunset images – WOW!! Fantastic coverage Teresa 🙂

  9. Sarah

    What an incredible setting, beautiful photos!

  10. James Fear

    OMG they must be thrilled start to finish perfection.

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