Forest House Lodge Wedding | Elizabeth and Matt

Anyone who pursues a career serving others immediately earns my respect. To protect and serve is a mighty hard job as is counseling work, so you have to know that the stress Elizabeth and Matt undertake regularly is way above ordinary. But in some ways, it’s nothing like the stress of planning a wedding. Can I get an amen from those who have come before them?!

Matt and Elizabeth planned their Forest House Lodge wedding early, but unfortunately, their photographer had a medical issue and couldn’t shoot their wedding. Now I believe that everything happens for a reason, and so I feel pretty blessed that these two came into my life regardless of the circumstances. Plus, not only did I get to shoot their wedding, but we had a pretty sweet little engagement session too!

I have a feeling in general that things weren’t meant to go 100% according to plan for Matt and Elizabeth, but the detours away from our plans in life can take us to some unexpected and completely beautiful places. So when it started raining in Foresthill, they took it in stride just like they do with the everyday challenges that they will now be able to overcome together as man and wife for the rest of their lives. It was a beautiful day, rain and all. And, it makes me so happy to share it with you!!

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Venue: Forest House Lodge
DJ: SJ’s Djs – Rich Carlson

10 Responses to “Forest House Lodge Wedding | Elizabeth and Matt”

  1. Glenn Robinson

    These are gold . . . you captured the details, emotions, and moments. It really tells the story!

  2. Carol King

    As Always very nice pictures. Beautiful bride and party.

  3. Josh Hearn

    Thanks you guys…… Thanks to your fantastic wedding, I’m now going to be having another baby boy on 2/16/16! Too much fun….. Too much Booz! Thanks again!!!!

  4. Mercedes

    Super, super cute couple! How can you not just love them? They have cheesecake! You did an amazing job capturing the fun expression. Great timing!

  5. Darren Gair

    Beautiful work Teresa, looked like an amazing day that had it all, even the weather!

  6. Albert Palmer

    These guys look like a fun bunch! Love that shot of the bridesmaids in the morning

  7. Aldamar

    What a fab wedding. Location to die for, photographers dream! I love every single frame.

  8. Amy Barton

    Lovin’ that third cheesecake shot Teresa! Lots of amazing storytelling moments in here.

  9. Heather K

    Awww, those images during the toasts!! Gorgeous!!

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