Sacramento State University Engagement | Jamos and Benita

Jamos and Benita are two of the cutest, sweetest, realest people you could ever know. This set of Bay area hotties and I had only a short period of time to grab a few images for their save-the-date cards with a quick Sacramento State University engagement session. But, we didn’t need a lot of time; it was pure magic right from the start. I am BEYOND excited for their wedding this summer in Novato. And after looking through this set of images, I think you will be too!











16 thoughts on “Sacramento State University Engagement | Jamos and Benita

  1. Cute couple! I really love your work, creative and clever compositions and the processing is so on point! I particularly like how you’ve documented the beautiful connection between Jamos and Benita. So good

  2. Beautifully done, Teresa! Love the one of her laughing over her shoulder, and her rust skirt is so perfect in the tree-filled backdrops by his dashing blue. Such a great-looking couple!

  3. You just can’t fake happiness! This couple moved me to tears; they’re so blissful and express their love with touching moves. Love Benita’s outfit, so graceful yet dressed down, she’ll be a gorgeous bride!

  4. Really cute couple, but your strength of composition really make these images sing! I can’t wait to see the wedding photo’s. Great shoot!

  5. Wow, wow, wow, how did you find such an exquisite location to create the color story and composition in the opening shot? His shirt and the bench, her skirt and the shades (I think they’re shades), it is perfect. Your eye picked out a fantastic setting to showcase the couple.

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