North City Church – Unite Everything 3 promotional shoot

I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Glen at Shaun and Brittany’s wedding in May. Glen is the Lead Pastor at North City Church here in Sacramento. I have to say, it was one of the most touching ceremonies I’ve photographed and so much of that had to do with Glen and how he conducted the ceremony.

So when he contacted me with a request for help with a photo shoot to promote an upcoming event at the church, Unite Everything 3, I knew I had to answer the call.

The request is even more flattering since Pastor Glenn is an artist himself. You can see his amazing digital artistry here.

These are the images he chose for the promotional materials. I think they turned out exactly as we envisioned them too. A girl, taking time to worship in the midst of all the daily life things that can get in the way of our relationship with GOD. The exact message we were working to communicate was: creating SPACE in our busy lives for God.

It was a fantastic collaboration. The “actor/models” were all volunteers and they did an amazing job portraying the message. So much of the credit goes to Pastor Glen. He called, told me what he wanted, tracked down a location, got everyone together, and designed the flyers. I just showed up and took some pictures. (:

* * * UNITE † EVERYTHING 3 * * *

Sacramento Christian photographer, Teresa K

Folsom Christian photographer, Teresa K

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  1. Great work, Teresa. I especially like the angle and setup in the second shot, and the point of the photos is obvious. Well done.

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